5 Advantages of Being a Low Maintenance Woman

If you’re a low-maintenance woman, you can relate to the definition which says that you do not need a lot of attention to function normally whether dressing up in the morning, shopping for clothes, and anything from the workplace. However, if you’re a high-maintenance woman that need hours of putting makeup, showering, and getting dressed, you might want to read the 5 advantages of being a low maintenance woman.

  1. You wear the essentials and your wardrobe is organized.

all black outfit with coat and boots

tulip skirt with military blouse and boots urban outfit with jacket and doctors bag

If you’re a low-maintenance woman, your wardrobe is pretty simple and not full of clothes that you probably never wear, making your closet more organized and neat. On the contrary, a high maintenance woman generally owns a closet full of clothes, trendy pieces, items with tags in it and such that will only result to an overstuffed closet yet “nothing to wear” days.

  1. You decline shopping invitations since you’re satisfied on your high-quality clothes.

crop leather jacket with white top and leather trousers flared pants with blue jacket

Being a low maintenance person means you shun shopping outings, therefore you’re maximizing the clothes you already have giving more advantage to an expensive cost of high-quality items. On the other hand, high maintenance women tend to shop every time to upgrade their wardrobes and refresh their outfits.

  1. You spend money wisely.

boxy white dress with boots fur coat with jeans

According to the Independent in the UK, £140,000 is the average figure a woman in the UK spends for cosmetics and hairdos. When you reflect on that, you think of all the great times, holidays, and outings you have had while still managing to look decent on a very small budget.

  1. You are always ready first since you can make use of little time when it comes to dressing up.

eyelet dress with peep toe boots simple black dress with ankle strap sandals off shoulder silk top with black pants

A low maintenance woman spends the least time on showering, dressing, and getting ready. Like fashion blogger Sara Donaldson, you can look dressy for a party with a classy black dress teamed with ankle strap sandals and a clutch. Also, like fashion blogger Lisa Olsson, you can get that breezy-chic look instantly by just wearing a lace dress teamed with boots rather than picking various combinations of tops and skirts.

  1. You don’t have to iron clothes since you can go for wrinkle-free pieces.

leather trousers with turtleneck top and coat chambray top with denim jeans

Stretchy dresses, basic tee, knitted sweater turtleneck top, jeans and such are some of the effortless pieces you can grab right away if you hate ironing clothes. Low maintenance women resort to these pieces over dresses and skirts that need to be styled with belts and teamed with high heels. However, if ironing can’t be put out of the equation, iron the shirt in no time by putting some tin foil under the cover on the ironing board to conduct more heat to the fabric you are ironing. So, ironing is faster and crease free. By taking these considerations, you might be able to evaluate your style maintenance to make everything effortless for you.

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