4 Ways to Refresh Your Pantsuit for the Office

Representing professionalism and style, pantsuits are the classic uniform of the working world. But when women wear matching trousers and blazers, it is challenging for them to make office wear feminine at the same time professional. So, if you’re looking for ways to refresh your pantsuit for the office in a professional, modern, less expensive, and much more creative, keep on reading to scoop our tricks.

  1. Opt for a feminine fit of your trousers and blazer.


modern-office-pantsuit leather-trousers-with-office-blazer

The perfect fit is the key to look polished on your office looks, and going for a feminine fit will make everything sleek and ladylike. When shopping for tailored trousers, opt for a length that hits an inch or two above your ankle bones for a less boxy and more feminine look. On the other hand, a length that skims the tops of your feet to elongate your legs is great for wide-leg or palazzo pants. When shopping for a blazer, stay away from blazers that have overly squared shoulders, loose boxy sleeves, and lengths that hit mid-thighs as they will only hide your feminine shape. Instead, choose a fitted blazer that has a great fit around the waist, giving you an hourglass silhouette.

  1. Add some interest with your fabric textures.

chic-office-outfit-with-crop-blazer red-trousers-with-chic-blazer modern-pantsuit-with-coat

Who says your blazer and trousers have to be the same fabric? You may experiment by incorporating different textures, such as tweed and chiffon to your work ensemble. Different fabrics add dimension to your ensemble, even in conservative colors like cream and gray. Like fashion blogger Jean Wang, you may opt for a touch enticing fabric on your blazer and keep your trousers sleek and smooth.

  1. Don’t be afraid of color.

checkered-blazer-with-red-trousers lime-green-trousers-with-white-blazer-and-black-top lavender-pants-with-chic-blazer

Though pastel and brightly colored ensembles are ideal for warmer seasons, you can still wear them this fall to add some pop of color to your office outfits. Wearing a pastel blazer and trouser at the same time looks a little dated, so complement your pastel piece with a crisp white item to keep the look modern and fresh. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, think of a pair of lime green pants that can spice up your black and white top. Just remember that when going bold with your colored piece, balance it with a neutral piece in black, navy blue, or dark gray.

  1. Look creative with stylish prints.

printed-trousers-with-office-blazer printed-pants-with-red-blazer plaid-print-pantsuit-with-pastel-top

Prints can be fun and professional. The key to this work wear ensemble is to not go print-crazy. If you’re wearing printed trouser, match it with a solid colored blazer to tone down the print like Jean Wang did. If you’re feeling extra expressive, opt for printed matching set of blazer and trousers that look more cohesive and modern. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll make your pantsuits more creative and stylish while staying office-appropriate.

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