4 Ways to Push Your Style to New Heights

If you’re making a lot of well-intentioned goals, you may also think of getting your most stylish year yet. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe just to look more fashion-forward and creative as simple tweaks can change up your looks. So, keep on reading for the 4 ways to push your style to new heights.

  1. Dress up distressed denim.

black blazer with designer bag and distressed jeans

sporty chic outfit with sneakers floral print blouse with distressed jeans and red heels

Think about the outfits you’ve seen that really stand out. Usually, it’s unexpected details or pairings that take style to the next level. If you’re a tee and jeans type of girl, juxtapose your frayed or distressed denim with a feminine top, chic blouse, or a classy blazer. Or, like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, think of a floral print blouse and red heels that will make your boyfriend jeans dressy, as well as a designer bag that will make your casual chic classy instantly. This messy-fancy combo just radiates cool-girl confidence.

  1. Add a sporty touch to your everyday outfits.

off shoulder maxi dress with sneakers sneakers with casual chic outfit printed sneakers with all white outfit

Add a sporty-chic touch to your look by swapping out your heels for a pair of sneakers. Like fashion blogger Lisa Olsson, think of a colorful pair of sneakers that will look playful with your casual outfit. Wearing your stretchy dresses with tennis shoes can also be great to look stylish in a sporty way. To make a modern statement, think of a quilted pair of nude sneakers that will go well with your all white outfit like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did.

  1. Think of wearing creative layers.

creative layered outfit with animal print pumps pink vest with layered outfit layered outfit with quilted bag

A great way to add interest to any look is to wear layers. Whether you love mixing prints, patterns, colors, and textures, the secret to nailing the layered look is to keep your proportions. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may think of wearing your dress with your tee and a collared top that will give you a preppy look in a modern way. If you wish to wear your shapeless shirtdress with layers, think of wearing it with a crop top to add some definition to your silhouette.

  1. Master the art of everyday glam.

studded leather jacket with fur skirt and edgy boots sequin top and denim jacket with white pants over the knee boots with wrap skirt and white shirt

Gold accents, metallic accessories, and fur can give you that glamorous look instantly. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, think of updating your edgy biker jacket with a fur skirt that will make your street style urban-inspired with a glamorous twist. Or, simply start with a gold belt, a jeweled necklace, chandelier earrings, statement cuffs, or even gold pair of shoes that will make any outfit glamorous. Or, like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, think of wearing your sequin top in the day by teaming it with a denim jacket and jeans. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to take your style to new heights.

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