4 Ways to Make Your Outfit Weekend Ready

If you’re getting ready for the weekend to have fun out with friends, you know that having the right look is important. Since our clothes are an outward expression of our inner values and personalities, keep on reading for the 4 ways to make your outfit weekend ready and stand out on the streets.

  1. Always opt for a flattering fit.

feminine blouse with high waist skirt and festive boots

chic white dressmodern boho chic outfit with rounded sunnies

It’s often been said that a good cut on cheap clothes will look better than a bad cut on expensive clothes. However much your blazer or suit cost, if the sleeves are too long, it won’t look good. Having trousers that only slightly break around your shoes, and blouses that flatter your frame will not only make you look better, but will make you feel better too. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, look chic with a chiffon blouse teamed with a structured A-line skirt and festive red boots.

  1. Dress for location.

athletic striped pants with cozy winter sweater breezy chic dress with velvet boots urban outfit with structured white coat

If you’re in a club, you’d hardly want to wear a sweater. Always dress appropriately for your night out so you’ll stay cool and look great. If you’re going for a dressy yet not so formal affair, a breezy dress teamed with tall boots can look chic like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim wore. If you’re going for a walk at the snowy streets, think of a pair of striped athletic pants and jacket that will keep you warm like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky did.

  1. Be creative wearing prints and bold colors.

checkered top with jogger pants tribal print jacket with boots graphic print dress with classic sunglasses

You may opt for a graphic print dress like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky wore to add some trendy and artistic flair to your street style, or go for a checkered top teamed with jogger pants to channel a relaxed urban vibe. If you wish to mix patterns in your outfit, always match similar patterns with different sizes, and different patterns with same sizes. Patterns can be great, but they have to be done right.

  1. Complete your weekend style with a pair of comfortable shoes or boots.

layered outfit with sneakers cozy winter outfit all white winter outfit

If you’ll be on your feet all day, be sure to opt for a pair of comfortable walking shoes, boots, or sandals. Remember, you can’t look chic while looking trying hard walking on a pair of heels. Like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, you may actually go for a pair of sneakers that look effortlessly cool when worn with your basic shirt and coat. Or, look edgy at the same time modern with a pair of loafers worn with a cozy all-white outfit like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein did. So enjoy your weekend, and know that a great outfit can make you the most popular woman in the room. Know the rules, and work within them, and you’ll be sure to enjoy your time out.

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