4 Ways to Dress the Boyish Muscular Figure

Small chest, broad shoulders, and muscular arms are the common characteristic of a boyish body type. If you wish to look a bit feminine or simply want to dress in a way that flatters your body type, keep on reading for our 4 ways to dress the boyish muscular figure.

  1. Highlight your waist to create a curvy silhouette.

belt with peplum blouse and shorts

white crop top with skirt tribal skirt with crop top cobalt blue matching set

The secret of looking more feminine is to shift the attention to your slender waist. You don’t have to go for feminine dresses and tulle skirts just to look great, as simple tweaks like wearing a belt to define your waist works. This is especially true if you’re not a dress type of girl. Though you may also resort to crop tops with a boxy or flouncy silhouette to show your midriff, therefore defining your waist even more. Going for high-waist bottoms can also work as it elongates your leg line while highlighting the slimmest part of your waist.

  1. Resort to chic feminine ensembles.

chic feminine tent dress vintage dress with cardigan peach palazzo pants with black top lace blouse with white jeans

Anything that adds feminine lines like laced tops, dense patterns, puffy sleeves, as well as wraps, halter tops or anything that fits the tops are perfect. If you’re a jeans type of girl, think of trading your tees with a lace blouse or your straight-leg pants with palazzo pants. Try to embrace feminine dresses, pastel tops, chic cardigans, pussy-bow blouse, embellished tops and such that will add some feminine flair to your street style.

  1. Embrace ruffles and flares that create volume.

lace blouse with accordion skirt and lace up sandals ruffled yellow dress with fringed clutch ruffled off shoulder dress with slip on sandals lace blouse with skinny jeans

Ruffles and flares are great for adding some volume. If you’re wearing a shift dress, think of ruffled details on the chest, sleeves, hemlines and waist that can add some curves. Loose-fitted or wide leg pants are poppy stylish and extremely flatters a boyish shape. Also, a flared skirt, full skirt, and accordion skirt are perfect for you. If you’re concerned on your muffin top which makes it harder to highlight your waist, think of wearing boxy and tent tops with skinny pair of jeans that will add some volume to your straight figure while concealing your flaws.

  1. Resort to free-flowing tops, tunics, dresses, and skirts.

white tunic dress with jeans summer whites with slip on sandals metallic silver dress flowy dress with birkenstocks

Soft and floaty fabrics can add a refine and classy line that creates a womanly flair to your look while a bias-cut dress is perfect for giving you the illusion of curves. Think of free-flowing dresses, tops, and tunics that will add some feminine vibe to your style. If you’re a fan of jeans, think of wearing a pair of skinny jeans with a free-flowing tunic dress that will add some flair to your looks while keeping you comfortable. If you’re not a fan of ruffles, think of an off-shoulder top with a free-flowing silhouette that can also add some feminine vibe to your looks without looking too dressy. Indeed, dressing for your body type is one of the best ways to look your best all the time.

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