4 Ways to Build a More Ethical Closet

Fast fashion industry makes cheaper items more attractive and trendy, yet it might not last for long. However, some women are tempted to buy signature brands and even designer items believing it will last a lifetime.  If you don’t have the money to shop exclusively from sustainable brands, as well as replace your entire existing wardrobe, keep on reading for our ways to build a more ethical closet regardless of your budget.

  1. Value and take good care of the clothes you already own.


quilted-jacket-with-casual-cool-outfit lace-top-with-skirt-and-bucket-bag

Taking care of the clothes you own regardless of their brand is the best thing you can do to build a more ethical closet. Remember, some fabrics require more care, especially if they’re sheer and lightweight. Always repair what’s broken, handwash what needs to be hand washed, and fold heavy sweaters instead of hanging them. This way, they’ll need to be replaced less often and so you’ll buy fewer clothes.

  1. Go for clothes that are high-quality and durable.

all-black-outfit-with-white-coat urban-grunge-outfit trench-coat-with-french-outfit

Buying ensembles that are high-quality is more economical than buying lower-quality pieces, because they’ll last longer and need to be replaced less often. Classic coats, straight leg pants, blazer, little black dress, capes, long vests, button-down shirts, classic skirts, leather jackets, leather trousers, and skinny jeans are basic pieces that you’ll wear more often so they must be high-quality. Though you may resort to faux leather pieces, going for real ones will give you more savings if you take care of them very well.

  1. Buy vintage or second-hand.

denim-culottes-with-white-blazer vintage-dress-with-pussy-bow-blouse retro-floral-dress-with-trench-coat

Another great, budget-friendly alternative to buying ethical brands is to go for vintage or second-hand store. Vintage pieces are often made sturdy over mass produced while second-hand stores give you unique options over fast fashion chains that present cloned clothes. By going for this shopping trick, you’ll save more while staying stylish and economical on your style. Remember, a brand or price tag is not the factor that will dictate whether you’ll have an ethical closet or not.

  1. Shop less and choose better.

sporty-cool-outfit-with-white-sneakers camel-coat-with-black-dress all-red-outfit-with-classic-pumps

The fast fashion industry is known for its cheap, trendy items delivered to the masses, but it won’t be a wise investment as the goods are typically less durable. Though you can pick some fresh pieces from there without breaking the bank, opt for accessories and fancy items that look unique. Don’t just buy an item that fits just okay instead find one that you love to wear for years, instead of just a season. Be more selective when it comes to buying new clothes, no matter whether you are shopping.  By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to build a more ethical closet without breaking the bank.

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