4 Ways to Break Fashion Rules

If you’ve been following fashion rules all the time, you might be losing your creativity and bold statements. Fashion dos and don’ts are ubiquitous. Everyone from beauty editors to your best friend has a strong opinion on what you should and shouldn’t wear. However, you still have your own choice to wear what you want to wear and give yourself permission to ignore them while having fun on your style. Though fashion rules are meant to be broken, keep on reading for our ways to break them and reasons behind them.

  1. Think about why the so-called rules are being offered in the first place.

all white outfit with gray coat

green blouse with high waist pants button down shirt with palazzo pants bell sleeved blouse with white pants and green pumps ripped jeans with chic blazer

Many fashion rules are relatively arbitrary as they assume each personality, office, and personal goal is uniform which means you have to interrogate the rule before you embrace it. If the fashion rule aligns with your lifestyle, personality, and work, that might be applicable. For conservative offices, dress codes have told women that they shouldn’t wear open-toed shoes or colorful pumps to keep the formal and professional atmosphere in the office. However, that rule does not apply to all offices, particularly more creative and casual ones. Also, wearing slouchy pieces with loose ensembles are often discouraged in the office to keep your style streamlined though you may go for it in your casual weekends.

  1. Be realistic about how and when you can effectively bend the rules.

denim on denim outfit with lace up sandals tunic with culottes and nude heels printed bell sleeved dress mixed print outfit with lace up shoes leather joggers with chiffon top

There may not be absolute fashion dos and don’ts, but there are must be a proper time and place for stepping outside the visual boundaries. Everything from wearing a bold pattern or color to exposing some skin demands discretion not because it’s inherently wrong or right, but because it’s more effective in some contexts than others. Wearing denim-on-denim on your street style is just fine, but wearing ripped jeans to the office is not. Mixing prints on your outfit will also depend on the kind of workplace you’re having, as fashion-related offices are free to bend fashion rules.

  1. Create your own rules and standards.

brightly colored dress with flared pants  cut off shorts with grunge boots layered outfit with animal print sneakers trench coat with casual outfit

Your fashion rules should support your personal goals and individuality. Perhaps you’re on the petite side, so always wearing heels helps you look more confident when going out with tall women on your casual weekends. Or, maybe you want to simplify your style and your life, so you forgo some variety in favor of consistency and peace of mind. Feel free to look unique and original as long as it won’t hurt your professional image and reputation.

  1. Own your choices with confidence.

cobalt blue heels with casual chic outfit flowy dress with belt matching set with boots and choker necklace white summer dress with hobo bag

Confidence is more than half the equation when it comes to determining the success or failure or any particular look. Remember, when you feel great and look good that resonates with everyone around you. Indeed, breaking some fashion rules will help you feel more comfortable and more fashion-forward on your personal style.

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