4 Wardrobe Staples Worth Stocking Up On

Not everyone can shop for a brand new wardrobe every season but that shouldn’t be a reason to look drab and un-fab. When it comes to looking stylish on a budget, I think the wisest thing to do is to stock up on the staples. Get your wardrobe basics in every color you can, if you can, because those are the pieces that: a) will never go out of style and b) you will be able to use all-year long. With the addition of just one or two pieces that are on trend, in season or new, your basics can turn into something really fabulous. Here are some wardrobe staples worth stocking up on.

  • JEANS – jeans have been around for as long as we can all remember and if that doesn’t prove their timelessness to you, I don’t know what will. Skinny jeans may be dominating the fashion scene right now but don’t forget to add a pair of two of the classic cuts in your wardrobe as well. These will serve as great alternatives to your skinnies when you want to play with shapes and silhouettes.

jeans classic straight ct

jeans colored bright yellow jeans distressed style jeans skinny cut and cuffed

  • TANK TOP – whether you’re wearing them on their own in the summer or using them as your base for a beautifully layered outfit in the winter, there’s just no denying that a tank top is one of the things you’ll never never get use out of. Get it in every color, not necessarily all at once, and see how convenient putting together outfits will be.

tank top and jeans tank top and shorts suit tank top and vest tank top in tribla print

  • BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS – white button down shirts are known for being the ultimate must have in every closet but having them in other colors can prove to be a great investment for your wardrobe as well. When you’re in no mood to put together an outfit for the office, just grab one of these and tuck it underneath your pencil skirt and you’re good to go. You can also throw on a blazer to get an extra polished look.

button down crisp white button down doubled up button down in checkered pattern button down and skinny jeans

  • T-SHIRT – another wardrobe staple that you should never be without is a plain t-shirt, especially a white one. These are great on warm summer days with shorts or cute little skirts or underneath, with jeans and heels on a lazy day or underneath a statement jacket during fall / winter. Once you have your plain tee collection completed, you can venture into graphic shirts which, by the way, are fantastic for packing on some personality in any look.

tshirt and pencil skirt tshirt plain green tshirt and maxi skirt

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