4 Truths about the Fast Fashion Industry You Have to Deal With

Whether you’re a thrift shopper or a fashion-forward woman looking for a great deal, fast fashion stores might be your first option when going shopping. Though the industry giants have dedicated millions of dollars to massive advertising campaigns to launch their collections, there are still truths that will make you pause and think before buying their goods.

  1. The fashion industry is designed to make you feel “out of trend” after one week.


fall-coat-with-crop-top-and-skirt sporty-chic-outfit-with-blanket-scarf

Originally, there were only two fashion seasons like Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter that will show you the latest trends on hand. However, the fashion industry is churning out 52 “micro-seasons” per year started in 2014. With new trends coming out every week, the goal of fast fashion is for consumers to buy as many garments as possible, as quickly as possible to be on trend. So, instead of coping up with every trend, only pick those ones that suit your personality, which you can still wear the look whether the item became outdated. According to Elizabeth Cline in her book “Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion”, fast-fashion merchandise is typically priced much lower than the competition, that will sustain the low quality yet high volume.

  1. Clothing is designed to fall apart so you’ll buy again.

ripped-jeans-with-coat-and-white-top white-coat-with-nude-heels all-black-outfit-with-purple-turban

Fast fashion giants are dependent on the consumers’ desire for new clothing to wear. So they’ll intentionally make the clothes on a low quality which can falls apart in one wash so you’ll buy again. According to author Elizabeth Cline, fast fashion stores produce hundreds of millions of garments per year, and put a small markup on the clothes as they can earn their profit out of selling an ocean of clothing. So, instead of investing on low quality garments that will make you buy again, go for high-quality ones that will stand the test of time.

  1. “Discounts” aren’t really discounts.

nude-top-with-bermuda-shorts-and-vest oversized-sweater-dress-with-lace-skirt tunic-dress-with-pants

Sometimes, the thriftiest women love the idea of shopping into a fast-fashion stores coming out with designer labels at a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, the “excess” or unsellable items we think we’re buying often have never seen a designer label before. The reality is that outlets broker deals with designers so they can put designer labels on the cheaply made clothing manufactured in their own low-quality factories. So before investing in a discounted designer piece, know first its quality if its worth the price you’re about to pay.

  1. There might be hazardous chemicals on your clothing.

blazer-with-jeans-and-sneakers black-tank-top-with-boxer-shorts 4-black-midi-dress-with-vest

According to the Center for Environmental Health, most fast-fashion chains are still selling lead-contaminated purses, belts, and shoes above the legal amount, years after signing a settlement agreeing to limit the use of heavy metals in their products. So before you buy, examine first the reputation of the brand you’re going for to keep you stylish and safe at all times. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be more careful on investing fast fashion pieces and will be a savvy shopper with a great style.

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