4 Trendy & Easy Hairstyles to Wear this Summer

Braids and those complicated knots and twists that you do to your hair are hugely popular these past couple of years, especially during the summer season.

But we have to admit that not everybody knows how to conjure their crowning glories into a beautiful and sophisticated hairdo, nor do everyone have that much time to do so.

And so, for this summer we gathered for you this summer’s It Hairstyles that are not only trendy but very very easy to do. Here are 4 trendy and easy hairstyles to wear this summer and how to do them.

Double Dutch Braid

This hairstyle, that was once hugely popular amongst female athletes, is now worn by every woman out there! It’s particularly worn during music festivals and also in bohemian outfits. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner were found wearing double dutch braid back in Coachella 2016.

edgy look double dutch braid

double dutch lookHow to do it: All you have to do is part your hair in the center and then start dutch braiding one half on the point where your hairline meets the part. Dutch braiding is the opposite of French braid so instead of “left over center, right over center”, dutch braiding goes, “left under center, right under center.”

double dutch braid

Space Buns (Double Buns)

They call it space buns probably because it looks similar to Princess Leia’s famous hairdo. But it’s technically double buns. You bring all your hair up or leave the bottom half of your hair down. For the half-up double buns, think of Sailor Moon. That’s what you want to achieve. space buns half up space buns

How to do it: Simply divide your hair into two parts. Unlike double dutch braid, it doesn’t matter if your hair is parted in the center or not, unless you’re a stickler for perfect symmetry then by all means. After dividing your hair, just twist one-half into a bun and do the same with the other half. You can scrunch it up a bit if you are aiming for a messy look.Kylie Jenner space buns

Half-up Bun

Half-up buns are just half-up double buns minus one. This hairstyle is not only popular among women but men also wear half-up buns. It’s an all-around hairdo that can be worn in an informal setting or formal one, depending on how casually or sophisticatedly done.half up bun half-up bun

How to do it: You just have to gather your hair around the apex or the crown of your head and put them in a bun. You can add hair accessories or curl the lower half of your hair for an added beauty.half-up bun Julianne Hough

High Pony

It is no question that pop singer Ariana Grande made high ponytail even more popular. We all know how to do a ponytail, of course, so this is an easy hairstyle to do. But how do you raise that ponytail?Cara Delevingne high pony high ponytail

How to do it: There are two good and easy methods to achieve a high ponytail and both use our good ole hairpin! You just insert the hairpin into one “ring” of your elastic band and pull it down into your hair. This will lift up your ponytail. You can do this above or below the elastic band. Here’s a tutorial from Cosmopolitan.high pony hairpin hack

If you want to add more volume into your ponytail, you can divide your hair horizontally, with the upper half bigger than the lower one. Tease the lower half and the bottom part of the upper half to create an added volume. Smooth out the surface of the upper half so as to hide the lower half and you have a high pony with more volume! Below, is a visual tutorial made by makeup.comfuller high pony tutorial

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