4 Tips to Maximizing Your Wardrobe Investment

A timeless wardrobe will serve you for years. However, if you have a lot of clothes that you don’t wear or a little closet filled with too many clothes with still tags in them, you’re not smart on your purchases. Before going shopping again, keep on reading for the 4 tips to maximizing your wardrobe investment.

  1. Everything you have in your closet should fit you and flatter your body shape.


striped-maxi-dress-with-peep-toe-boots tropical-print-dress-with-gladiator-sandals

Getting the perfect fit is not about a number on the tag. When going shopping, always go one size smaller that you feel comfortable in, as a larger and looser your clothes are the heavier you’ll look. Also, know your body shape and what complements you. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may flatter your petite frame with a vertical striped maxi dress teamed with peep toe boots. If you’re apple-shaped figure, think of boxy tops teamed with fitted bottoms like fashion blogger Nina Suess did, flattering her frame.

  1. Your clothing choices should not only represent who you are, but where you want to go in life.

breezy-dress-with-sun-hat cold-shoulder-black-dress lace-jumpsuit-with-sling-bag

You should always honor your authentic essence and style, but there’s nothing wrong with having an eye toward your future and future self. We’re always reminded to “dress for the job you want”, so dress for the life, opportunity, or person you want to be. If you wish for a laidback lifestyle as contrary to office women who always wear corporate suits, think of breezy dresses and sheer jumpsuits like fashion blogger Nina Suess did, making her clothing choices represent her personality.

  1. Your clothes should be functional and fit your lifestyle.

animal-print-dress-with-vest acid-washed-denim-dress-with-crochet-top burgundy-lace-skirt-with-chambray-shirt-and-floral-headband

In order for those things in your wardrobe to be functional, they must be of good quality so they last, and fit your lifestyle. Like fashion blogger Oksana Orehhova, you may opt for a chambray shirt and a chic lace skirt that will go well from casual parties, chic date night, or even relaxed weekends. Also, your accessories should be functional and stylish. Remember, quality accessories elevate the look of any outfit and will last you over time. Before investing on clothes and accessories, ask yourself: Do you travel a lot? Are you constantly in business meetings? Do you work out of your home? This way, you’ll make sure your closet is filled with those items that fit your life and lifestyle.

  1. Your clothes must make you feel great and confident.

striped-top-and-floral-shorts-with-gladiators pastel-peach-matching-set lace-top-with-tulip-skirt

Your clothes should make you feel great and confident. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little fun to your wardrobe. Think of pops of color, creative patterns, whimsical skirts and such that won’t look overdone as long as it reflects your fun-loving nature and makes you happy. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to maximize your wardrobe investment strategically.

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