4 Tips to Avoid Taking Casual Fridays Too Casually

Regardless of the casual setting in your workplace, you have to project a leadership image and wear clothes accordingly. “Casual Friday” can mean different things to different companies, but no matter what the company, it doesn’t mean you should show up at the office in your gym clothes. If the management team doesn’t clearly describe what is the appropriate work attire keep on reading for our tips for keeping Casual Fridays from going too far.

  1. Define a policy.

gray dress with vest and boots

printed dress with boots jeans with coat and office bag

HR or management should define and communicate the appropriate and inappropriate attire for casual Fridays and the consequences for not following the policy. If it’s not stated, better ask for it so you’ll look properly dressed regardless how casually your co-workers dressed. Depending on the working environment, you can wear a casual dress or jeans. Like fashion blogger Lara Caspari, you may opt for a chic printed dress worn with over the knee boots, especially if the hemline is short. If jeans are acceptable, think of dressing up a bit by topping your casual Friday outfit with a coat.

  1. Dress like your boss.

blue velvet dress double breasted blazer with white dress button down shirt with wrap skirt

Managers should discuss the policy with employees and provide examples of what is considered acceptable work clothing. If you think your boss is a great example for your dress code, dress like her so you’ll look more appropriate. However, avoid outshining your boss on your outfits. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may stick to classic colors and avoid bright shades to keep everything work-appropriate. If you have a casual dress, think of topping it with a structured blazer to dress it up a bit like fashion blogger Mary Orton did.

  1. Be a role model.

chic sweater with midi skirt and boots red turtleneck knitdress plaid shirtdress with comfy shoes

If you’re in a management position, dress a step above the casual Friday policy. If jeans are acceptable on Fridays, choose dark colored jeans that are styled to look like trousers. Or like fashion blogger Mary Orton, opt for a plaid shirtdress instead of a pair of jeans. Instead of wearing your chic knit top with jeans, think of a midi skirt that will look cozy with boots like fashion blogger Lara Caspari did. This way, you’ll look casual, yet polished.

  1. Stand out from the crowd.

blue skirt with office shirt and boots leather jacket with creative office outfit cowboy belt with turtleneck sweater and button front skirt

It’s time to step up casual Fridays, especially if you want to climb the career ladder and advance into higher-level jobs. If you’re given the option to dress casually for work, think of trendy yet office appropriate accessories that can add some flair to your style. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, think of a cowboy belt that will look trendy with your black sweater and button-front skirt while keeping everything polished. By heeding our tricks, you’ll avoid taking Casual Fridays too casually and keep your professional image.

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