4 Tips on Choosing the Best Travel Clothes for Women

Exploring a new country or getting to know a familiar place may be exciting, but you must know which arsenal of clothes you should bring with you. Whether you’re going to the popular destinations in Europe like France and Italy to enjoy stunning coastal, great food, and wine, or go for a city vacation, it’s important to be comfortable and wear the appropriate clothing and footwear. To get the maximum enjoyment out of your holiday, keep on reading for our 4 tips on choosing best travel clothes for women.

  1. Know the weather and season of the destination you’re going to.

black dress with ankle strap sandals

culottes with blazer and belt breezy romper with sneakers

Before packing the most fashionable outfit you have, check first the information that you receive when you book your holiday about the conditions, terrain, and likely weather to help you decide what to wear. Remember, what you wear will largely be guided by the time of year, the weather and your destination. A walking holiday to Paris in the summer will require different clothes to a trip to the Dolomites in the spring or autumn. In warm or hot and dry conditions, choose light, breathable fabrics. Like fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu, you may go for a breezy romper teamed with a chic bag and sneakers. On the other hand, trousers and long-sleeved tops, turtlenecks, blazers and such can be functional in the colder seasons.

  1. Get the right footwear that suits the weather.

oxfords with chic outfit statement slip on sandals with polka dots matching set boots with skinny jeans and boho chic top

On any walking holiday it’s your feet that are going to do most of the hard work and even the gentlest expedition is going to involve several hours of walking every day, so it’s vital that you have the right footwear. You wouldn’t want an early blister, squeezed toes, or damp feet spoil your holiday. Boots can be versatile and functional and getting the perfect fit is essential. Even if your holiday is somewhere dry, make sure your boots are waterproof as the weather may bring an unexpected shower or you might have to cross wet terrain or small rivers or streams as part of your walk.

  1. Keep your separates versatile yet classy.

fisherman sweater with midi skirt and edgy shoes lace corset with navy coat and dress pants all red outfit with classic pumps

To make sure you’ll maximize your outfits pack those versatile ensembles that can go well with anything, providing they are suited for the weather of your destination. It’s best to wear specially designed walking trousers in modern, synthetic materials which are lightweight, quick-drying and loose-fitting. Like fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu, you may even think of wearing a lace corset top, with your turtleneck and coat when the weather gets colder. Also, versatile doesn’t have to mean picking only neutrals from your closet as you can also go for pops of color and wear them in a monochromatic way like Doina did.

  1. Don’t forget your stylish and functional coats or blazers.

travel outfit with camel coat fringed boots with blazer and jeans camel coat with breezy dress and boots

For walking in colder climates you will need to take plenty of base layers topped off with a fleece or coat for warmth. An easily packed, light waterproof jacket and waterproof over-trousers are always a good idea in case there is some unseasonal rain. By heeding our tricks, you’ll make your vacation effortless and a great moment to remember.

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