4 Things You Need to Know Before Doing the Denim Hair Trend

If you loved the rainbow trend but weren’t too crazy about how it was too bold for everyday, you’ll surely love this variation of the trend. Now, speaking of variation, you’ve heard of all the others before: candy hair, macaron hair, rainbow hair, mermaid hair – all these were wonderful dye trends but the number of colors in them and the amount of contrast each one made tends to be a little too much for many women who want something they can wear daily. The newer variation that is denim hair, however, is just perfect. It’s bold but not too entirely so and it is not as loud as the other dye trends either. In case you’re thinking about it, here are some of the things you need to know before doing the denim hair trend.denim hair tip on brunette

denim hair braid

  1. It’s bold but totally wearable – it’s obviously a very bold hair color trend but having hues on your hair that mimic the color of jeans is definitely a lot more wearable than having a heedful of rainbow colors. The denim hair trend is a bold look but it is totally wearable.denim hair trend blue and gray denim hair
  2. It does not require bleaching – unlike so many of the other rainbow hair trend variations that call for hair bleaching so that colors could show up more vibrantly, the denim hair trend works perfectly fine, even on dark hair. Unless you want the look of light wash jeans with your dark locks, you’re good to go.dark denim hair dark but vibrant denim hair
  3. You need a magnificent blend of colors – the denim hair trend may not look so intricate and complicated as all the other variations of the rainbow hair trend but it sure call for quite a meticulous stylist to get the look right. To nail the trend, you’ll want the perfect blend of blue and silver hues. Balayage often gives the best results which is why it’s better to have a pro do it than DIY it at home.silver gray and blue hair lightwash denim hair color
  4. You don’t need to have the colors all over your hair – another thing you need to know about the denim hair trend is that you don’t have to have color slapped all over your hair to get the look. An ombre from your natural hair color is fine and dyeing just your tips are okay, too. If you aren’t very comfortable with going all out on your denim hair dye job just yet, you don’t have to.denim hair on asian hair bright blue hair denim hair trend


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