4 Things to Consider Before You Buy Any More Clothes

Shopping is fun and is a great way to update your closet that will give you a more fashion forward style. But, before you buy any piece of clothing there are some things you need to consider to be sure that you’ll get more than what you pay for.

  1. How many other pieces in my existing wardrobe can I wear it with?


ripped-jeans-with-blanket-scarf ruffled-bandeau-top-with-pencil-skirt

Though we stick to timeless classics that will give you a lifetime benefit, keep in mind that it should still be a versatile piece that will work with your existing wardrobe. If you need to go and buy a whole bunch of other garments to wear with it, then it’s not good value. Ideally, you want any new piece to go with at least 3 to 5 other items you already own so you’ll update your basics strategically. You may think of resorting to separates that you can mix and match with anything over a printed dress that you’ll likely wear once.

  1. Will it work for more than one season?

lace-up-shirt-dress-with-sling-bag retro-floral-dress-with-boots wedges-with-boho-chic-outfit

Some garments are for mid-summer or deep winter only, though they must be in your wardrobe, you don’t want a wardrobe full of them as they are limited. So, keep the majority of your wardrobe fairly trans-seasonal that will allow you to wear them more, getting a better cost-per-wear per garment. Before investing on bandeau tops, retro floral dresses, and coats, know first how often you could wear them, and of you can still wear them with layers when season changes.

  1. Will it work for a variety of occasions?

lace-dress-with-coat-and-hot-pink-sandals sheer-maxi-dress wide-leg-pants-with-boho-top

The simpler the garment is the more they’ll easy to dress up and dress down depending on the occasion. The more versatile a garment is the more it becomes a great wardrobe workhorse and is worth spending your money on. So, favor plain lace dresses over printed ones and classic style of tops over trendy ones. This way, you’ll have an extended wardrobe whether you’re heading to a party or to the office.

  1. Do I already own one just like it that I wear all the time and this is very similar?

eyelet-dress-with-biker-jacket cute-summer-dress-with-hat choker-with-preppy-outfit-and-metallic-boots

If you have pieces that you wear over and over again, then could give you some idea of what works for you. Buying a similar piece that you already own may be great as you’ll bring another great item into your wardrobe that you will wear, therefore worth the investment. However, we don’t need repeats in our wardrobe, particularly when they are just too much the same, so avoid having 8 replicas of essentially the same garment. There no point in bringing another piece that is the ‘same’ into your wardrobe unless you have to replace a favorite that is worn out. Maybe it’s an item with a similar cut, comfortable fabric, and flattering color that makes you feel great. But, if it’s another expression of your signature style then go for it.

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