4 Things to Consider Before Going for a Minimal Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are a brilliant concept but not for everyone. Not all of us want to live with just a couple of pieces if we are more options orientated. If you think a minimal wardrobe is a necessity for you, keep on reading for the things you have to consider first before committing to the less is more mantra.

  1. You want to simplify your life and make dressing easier.

forest green coat with black outfit

puff sleeved blouse with black pants navy midi skirt with cap toe shoes

If you having many wardrobe options feel like a burden for you, then a minimal wardrobe can be good for you. Many women who started with a larger wardrobe think they want to simplify their life by keeping a wardrobe capsule. However, you may be too hasty in getting rid of clothing and sooner or later you’ll find out you’re completely bored by only wearing a small wardrobe capsule. To avoid this, simplify your wardrobe gradually, not by sticking to a specific number of items or pieces, but going through your wardrobe and toss the things that don’t serve you well. If you haven’t worn it in 6 months or a year then get rid of it. But, if you haven’t worn it because you haven’t had the right weather for a garment, it’s not the best reason to toss it right away, unless you don’t want to wear it again.

  1. You have a lifestyle that supports it.

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If your lifestyle supports a minimal wardrobe, like live a casual life that don’t need as many clothes as someone working who has a different dress code for work and play, then go for it. Also, if you have limited space to store clothes, and have a very limited budget, a minimal wardrobe can be practical for you. If you’re a traveler, or simply want to make a smaller impact on the environment by not consuming, then a capsule wardrobe is for you. This also applies to women who hate shopping for clothes and aren’t procedure-orientated.

  1. You feel free with less choice in your wardrobe.

all white classic outfit with checkered coat body con dress with animal print sandals pastel blue winter coat with white boots

Minimalism can be great as you’ll get the feeling of lightness and clarity when looking at your closet. Getting rid of unwanted clothing is a brilliant idea as well as getting rid of dated, poor quality, or worn out clothing. However, making your wardrobe work for you is essential. If you feel easier relying on your little black dress or plain body con dress at every party you’re attending, then a minimal wardrobe can be great for you. But just throwing everything out for a small wardrobe capsule may not be the right thing to do for you if you haven’t thought it through properly. Also, if you’re a woman who enjoys having more choice, a larger wardrobe can be freeing for you.

  1. You like to wear a ‘uniform’ of sorts.

classic tweed suit with boots all black outfit with white blazer black dress with gold trimmed shoes

So if you are thinking about downsizing your wardrobe, put away first the clothes you think you want to throw out into another wardrobe and live with your new capsule for some time. This way, you will have time to discover and adjust if it’s right for you before you discard your clothes for real. Women who live with different seasons need seasonal capsules rather than one that will do everything. However, if you feel bored by the repetition and lack of choice, and your clothes don’t work for all the occasions you need them to, a minimal wardrobe might not be for you. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to get a minimal wardrobe that serves you well.

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