4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Casual Dress

Dresses are some of stylish yet the less versatile pieces that you might go for, so be wary of investing too much on them especially a “casual dress” that you can only wear in limited situations. The idea behind finding the right casual dress for you is it should make you feel more attractive and confident while wearing it. So, keep on reading for the 4 things to consider before buying casual dress.

  1. Think how versatile and wearable the casual dress you’re about to buy.

candy striped knit dress

white shift dress with flats pink a line dress with lace up sandals chambray dress with peep toe boots

Since you’re about to buy a casual dress, keep in mind that you might not able to wear it in a more formal situation that makes it less versatile. A business casual dress is designed to be more formal that is suitable for work environments yet is comfortable and not as dressy as formal wear, for where a casual shift dresses in midi length can be acceptable. However, if it’s a chambray dress, knitted dress with candy stripes, or a free-flowing pink dress, then it might be solely for your casual weekends.

  1. Make sure the dress style flatter your body type.

floral print dress with wedges striped fit and flare dress slip white dress ruffled off shoulder dress with lace up heels

Since your body is fairly unique, making sure that the dress fits properly on you is important. For instance, if you’re an hourglass figure with accentuated waistline, you should choose a casual dress that has a small waistline over one that is straight and free-flowing. If you’re pear-shaped, look for a dress style that’s wider in the bust area in order to make the body look more proportional, or go for ones with ruffles along the bust line to balance your frame. On the other hand, oval figured women who do not possess much of a waistline must go for A-line dresses that balance their shapes.

  1. Be practical with a season-less dress.

metallic silve maxi dress white lace dress with hat and nude bag spring dress with boots retro floral print maxi dress

Seasonal temperatures and other environmental conditions must be taken into consideration as some light and breathable fabrics are suited for the spring and summer, and casual linen dresses are airy which makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods when the temperatures begin to rise. On the other hand, casual knit dresses are also practical for both the fall and winter. However, there are neutral colored and metallic dresses that can be worn with layers in colder months that makes them more versatile than other pieces.

  1. Consider how to dress up a casual dress to refresh its look every time.

vest dress with cobalt blue lace up heels printed dress with blazer and slace up heels color blocked sandals with pink dress bib necklace with striped dress and white pumps

Unlike skirts and blouses that can easily be mixed and matched, casual dresses are more challenging to dress up especially if they have a complicated neckline, billowy silhouette, and brightly colored prints that tend to look overdone when worn with statement necklaces and brightly colored shoes. However, it is easy to make a casual dress appear more business-like when worn with a shawl or blazer. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll make a so-called “casual dress” a timeless dress that you can wear anytime, anywhere.

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