4 Stylish Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Dress


It’s been a while since the royal wedding, but our wedding fever is still as strong as ever. If there’s one thing brides look forward to the most during their big day, it’s their wedding dress. The search for the perfect dress takes months for many brides, but not everyone wants a fancy fairytale princess-inspired gown. There are tons of brides out there who would rather sport something that’s more their style and if you’re one of them, we have something good in store for you. Here are 5 stylish alternatives to the traditional wedding dress.


  1. Anything but white – Kat Von D’s wedding ensemble recently caused a stir in the fashion community for its very edgy, very goth vibe. Not only was her wedding gown’s design deliciously elaborate, its color empowered many brides and brides-to-be as well to stray away from the norm and go for a wedding look that’s big and bold; even if it means going goth in a rich, red number.red wedding dress with details
    peach wedding gown with layers black heavy tulle wedding gown
  2. Bridal coordinates – who says your wedding dress has to be one big blob of gorgeously soft and flowing fabrics? If you’re not a fan of the traditional wedding dress, you can go for something a bit more contemporary instead, like a coordinates set that showcases soft, neutral colors, ritzy embellishments, and luxuriously lush details. Check out these pictures below for inspiration.2 piece wedding dress with different textures 2 piece wedding coordinates for outdoor wedding 2 piece modest wedding dress
  3. Wedding slip dress – slip dresses have risen in popularity in the past few months. I love how more and more women are making the braver choice of wearing their slip dresses outside of the bedroom to inject a sexy, boudoir vibe to their everyday street style looks. If you aren’t keen on wearing something that’s overly layered and complicated on your big day, how about a slinky slip dress instead to complete your bridal look?slip dress style simple wedding gown slip dress statement wedding with dramatic flowers slip wedding dress back view dramatic and flirty
  4. Wedding pantsuit – Pantsuits have always been expected of grooms, but never of brides. Surprise everyone at your wedding when you walk down the aisle wearing a bridal pantsuit and looking like the girl boss that you are. Now, what’s a wedding pantsuit, you ask? It’s basically just a dressier and more feminine version of your everyday office pantsuit. Check the pics below for some serious inspo.bridal pantsuit with veil bridal pantsuit with a twist bridal pantsuit sleeveless satin


What’s your favorite wedding dress alternative? Are you bold enough to rock a wedding gown that’s not white? Or do you see yourself more on the edgy side, wearing a pantsuit with beautiful bridal details?



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