4 Style Tips to Look Effortless and Low-Key

Regardless of your style and personality, there are days when you want to be just plain and simple and go on your regular activities. Not that you don’t like attention, but you all want is space and privacy. Remember, the need for privacy is not reserved for Hollywood stars and famous women. If you are planning to be low-key, keep on reading for our 4 style tips.

  1. Keep your clothes comfortable and don’t wear anything complicated.


ripped-boyfriend-jeans-with-crop-top monochromatic-tunic-with-culottes

Don’t sacrifice comfort for fashion if you wish to get a low-key and effortless look. Remember, wearing clothes that catch attention will only make your privacy goes out of the window. So avoid loud patterns, shining colors, elaborate details, revealing clothes, or complicated ensembles. Just stick with simple, plain, and basic clothes that can make you comfortable. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may go for slightly trendy pieces like tunic and culottes but keep it simple and monochromatic.

  1. Ditch the high heels and wear only comfortable shoes.

chunky-boots-with-camel-sweater-dress sneakers-with-gray-sweater-dress mary-jane-flats-with-tunic-sweater-and-brooch

High-heeled stilettos draw attention to you as they’re nice and make people wonder how the person wearing them is able to walk gracefully. If you know you will be walking a mile away, ditch the heels and opt for comfortable shoes like ballet flats, sneakers, chunky boots and such. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, opt for a pair of flat Mary Jane Shoes that still look feminine yet effortless, perfect for your low-key outfit. Though there are some high-heels that feel comfortable due to the high-quality material, they don’t look comfortable for a low-key look.

  1. Avoid big and flashy jewelry.

all-black-outfit-with-urban-chic-outfit-and-watch zipped-dress-with-peep-toe-nude-boots chic-all-white-outfit

When people see flashy jewelry, they tend to stare at the jewelry to admire it, or they tend to look at the face of the women wearing it. If you don’t want any public attention, avoid wearing too much jewelry. A simple watch, dainty necklace, small stud earrings and such can be enough to add some polish to your style without drawing too much attention. So, save your bib necklaces, statement earrings, oversized cuffs and such for your special event.

  1. Wear outerwear that protects, not ones that are just for show.

sneakers-with-chic-white-dress-and-gray-coat white-slip-dress-with-orange-cardigan preppy-outfit-with-cardigan-and-socks-with-sandals

When it is time to choose outerwear, choose one that protects, and not one that is just a fashion statement. A thick and baggy jacket may keep you warm, but a simple structured one can be nicer to keep your looks polished.  Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may complement your white dress with a gray coat instead of a printed jacket that can make your looks low-key and effortless. If you want a low-key appearance don’t wear anything too daring or attractive. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to keep yourself natural-looking and you get that effortless and low-key style.

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