4 Style Tips for Women Who Don’t Want to Look Like Everyone Else

Having a signature look can make you stand out from the crowd, especially if you’re surrounded by fashion-forward women. However, if you think you’re getting in a style rut and wish to refresh your looks, keep on reading for our 4 style tips that will make you look unique from anyone else.

  1. Don’t follow the style rules.

cobalt blue suit with orange top and pumps

stripes with checkered jacket loose top with wide leg leather trousers green skirt with floral print blouse denim-on-denim-outfit-with-pumps

One way to instantly stand out from the pack is to stray from the norm. Since fashion rules set standards of what’s acceptable and not, try not to follow the rules. This way, you’ll wear whatever you want to wear, whether it’s an unexpected color combination or denim-on-denim outfit. Try pairing sneakers with your go-to formal dresses, mixing prints and patterns, teaming bright colors with prints, or even wearing oversized with oversized. That way, you’ll never feel bored with your style.

  1. Invest in unique and statement pieces.

novelty print matching set statement dress with sandals snake print coat with suede boots silk mermaid dress quirky shirt with yellow jacket and jeans

If you really want to be confident with your look, you have to feel great about the pieces you’re buying and wearing. Though designer pieces are limited, or sometimes one of a kind, investing on them might bit a bit expensive. So, think of altering your outfits yourself like adding sequins, beads, embellishments, or even cutting and painting your outfits. If you’re not a creative person, remember that it’s your personality that carries your clothes. Sure, everyone may have that certain pair of heels or that skirt, but if it doesn’t feel like you maybe you just like a denim skirt over a pair of denim jeans. So, go for items that showcase your personality.

  1. Get creative with accessories.

snake print boots with winter outfit woven fruit bag with tweed denim dress watermelon clutch with checkered outfit tuxedo blazer with statement bag and boots

The simplest way to look unique is to go for creative accessories. Even if you start with a basic outfit like a pair of jeans and a tee, adding cool extras like a statement bag, necklace, shoes, or belt will make your style stand out from the crowd. Think of a pair of snake print knee-boots that can dress up your winter outfit, or a pair of brightly colored sandals that will add some fun to your summer outfit. Add some whimsy or quirkiness to your looks by going for fruit-inspired bags, cute sunglasses, and avant-garde necklaces that will make your style unique and one of a kind.

  1. Play with outfit structure and silhouette.

wide leg pants with black blouse structured jacket with skirt striped dress with sandals oversized coat with skinny jeans blanket scarf with suede boots

Play around with your style, and let a little whimsy in by experimenting with something new you’ve never really tried before. For instance, play with your outfit structure and silhouette just like wearing a puffy sleeved blouse with a pair of wide leg pants, or wearing an oversized coat. Think of architectural, avant garde, or structured pieces that can add some flair to your street looks. This way, you will look stylishly different and you won’t look like everyone else.

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