4 Style Rules We Can Steal From Ballerinas

There is no hiding the fact that ballerinas are some of the most elegant and graceful beings in existence as they make everything look effortless and light. Whether you’re a working girl or a woman simply want to add some effortless vibe to your street style, keep on reading for 4 style rules we can steal from ballerinas.

  1. A little tulle can spice up any outfit.

gothic outfit with tulle skirt

tulle skirt with graphic top tulle skirt with brocade top lavender coat with tulle skirt

If you wish to look and dress as elegantly as a ballerina, resort to tulle skirts. According to Indiana Woodward, a well-known ballerina, she thinks oft is a good word to describe a ballerina both in terms of texture and the overall look. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, wear the ballerina style on the streets by opting for a pastel tulle skirt teamed with a lavender coat and a pair of classic pumps. A tulle skirt can also dress up your edgy leather jacket or a casual tank top. For hair, think of going for a French twist or a high ponytail. “We like wearing earrings in rehearsal and I feel prettier when I wear earrings,” she added.

  1. Embrace pastel hues, especially pink.

lace top with white tulle skirt yellow dress with pink ballet flats pink top with tulle skirt metallic ballet flats with lace dress

Ballerinas are known for graceful and feminine looks that can be defined by pastel colors and feminine shades. If you can, try to wear pink on your street style that will instantly make your outfits look more feminine, Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, think of a pastel pink turtleneck top that will go perfectly with a pastel tulle worn with nude heels.

  1. Dress for your body type.

chiffon blouse with nude pleated skirt and nude pumps romantic outfit with chic necklace pointy ballet flats with paisley dress plaid skirt with off shoulder top

Dance really taught ballets about dressing on their body types as they must look chic at the same time comfortable. “Because we’re creating certain shapes with our bodies to present certain pictures, dancers are very aesthetically aware,” Claire Von Enck said. “We can tell if something doesn’t pair well together,” she added. If you have heavy bottom, think of wearing a tulle skirt to balance your frame, making your curves look more intentional rather than a flaw. According to Indiana Woodward, ballet gives you the confidence to wear anything and you can wear skintight things or be more comfortable. “I like to wear things that accentuate my waist,” she added. Also, think of belts, high-waist styles, and fit-and-flare dresses which are universally flattering.

  1. Ballet flats are a necessity in every woman’s wardrobe.

polka dots dress with ballet flats pink belt and ballet flats with black and white dress orange ballet flats with maxi dress floral print skirt with white top and cobalt blue ballet flats

If you’re living in a walking city or a woman on the go, flat shoes are essential that will keep you comfortable at the same time stylish. According to Indiana Woodward, she always had a quirky style, but ballet really shaped her style because she started wanting to be more comfortable. “We’re always in tights and leotards, so now I get really cute sweaters, low-crotch pants, and really comfortable shoes,” she added. Whether you’re heading to the office or to the party, always carry a pair of ballet flats with you as you’ll never know when that stiletto heels will break. By following these style rules from ballerinas, you’ll be able to create elegant and comfortable style effortlessly.

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