4 Steps to Make Over Your Style

Getting a great street style is one of the best ways to show off your individuality through the clothes you’re wearing. Whether you’re a woman with a preppy, minimalist, or trendy style, we can get bored to our outfits and we often seek inspirations to freshen up our looks. If you find yourself in a wardrobe rut, keep on reading for our 4 steps to make over your style.

  1. Organize your closet.

biker jacket with jeans

winter outfit with leather gloves nautical sweater with blazer and skirt metallic joggers with leather top cowboy boots with jeans and loose top

An overwhelming closet equals an overwhelming outfit selection. So, if you’re aiming for a fresh look, start clearing out the clutter on your closet. Sort out which pieces you often wear and keep those versatile pieces like leather jackets, straight leg pants, jeans, blazer, skirt, and such reachable so you can see them every time you’re going out. You may also create a capsule collection that you may wear each season so it would be easier for you to create stylish layers on the winter season and to make your summer style breezy and chic. By organizing your closet from clutter will majorly improve your style.

  1. Draw inspiration from your favorite fashion icons.

loki inspired halter dress zebra blazer with vintage outfit structured dress with coat silk pants with loose top sequin jacket with denim shorts

To make over your style, look for outfit inspirations from your favorite fashion icons whether it’s a style blogger, fashion editor, or celebrity. If you have an eye for vintage style, look for fashion bloggers known for their vintage looks like Jane Aldridge. Also, draw inspirations from fashion bloggers that you find similar to your fashion taste. By having style inspiration on hand and easily accessible, you’ll be more inclined to create similar looks based on the items you already own, rather than impulsively shopping for new clothing.

  1. Create a set of go-to looks or fashion uniforms.

banana print dress with peep toe pumps sweater with denim skirt shirtdress with heels leather jacket with skirt and wedges button down shirt with denim shorts

Make your life much easier by creating a set of go-to looks or fashion uniforms that can keep your style stylish and effortless at the same time. Get a handful of signature outfits like teaming your button-down shirt with shorts, wearing your leather jacket with pencil skirt, or making your denim skirt chic with a sweater. You may also create your own style board for outfit inspiration and to pinpoint your favorite go-to looks. For instance, you may look up to street style photos of famous bloggers on how to style their tuxedo blazers, how to wear body chains, or even wear the borrowed-from-boys look completely.

  1. Add some tweaks to your street looks.

slouchy pants with oversized top red dress with strappy sandals printed top with slouchy pants layered top with jeans flowy outfit with cardigan

If you got your signature looks, make them look more unique by incorporating some trends and accessories that flatter your style. Like fashion blogger Zanita Whittington, you may go for a print-on-print outfit, or simply add a belt on your shapeless dress. You may also get creative on your layers in the winter season, and make your style a bit breezy on the summer. By heeding our styling tricks, you’ll be able to make over your style in no time.

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