4 Smart Shopping Habits We Can Learn From Parisian Women

Parisian women are known for their elegance, nonchalance, and je ne sais quoi attitude. Women in Paris shop for their clothes, too, but they just do it differently. To explore Parisian allure just a bit further, keep on reading for the 4 smart shopping habits we can learn from Parisian women so you’ll acquire stylish, smarter, and more sustainable clothes.

  1. Choose quality over quantity.


chic-jogger-pants-with-leather-jacket-and-graphic-top modern-classic-outfit

A Parisian woman is willing to spend a little more on items that will last over time. When you choose quality, the items you buy will not be as easily disposable. Think of a neat pair of skinny jeans, silk straight leg trousers, structured vests, and pencil skirt that you can wear multiple times. Just choose ones that are crafted with integrity instead of cheap, poorly made clothes that you’ll end up throwing away. Shelling out a little more money might be tough at first, but it’s worth it to invest in items you love that last instead of clothes you’ll wear once and forget about.

  1. Add neutrals to your wardrobe.

denim-hat-and-slip-on-sandals-with-chic-dress nude-pumps-with-casual-chic-outfit leather-jacket-with-layered-outfits-and-classic-pumps

The French woman is known for her elegant simplicity and minimalist style as she chooses colors that are versatile enough, therefore you can wear them over and over again without anyone noticing. Neutral basics are timeless, classic, and versatile. When you shop, opt for ensembles that Parisian women are looking for so you’ll find it more gratifying to own a well-made, piece that can be styled many ways. As a general rule borrowed from ethical fashion trailblazer Livia Firth, ‘if you can’t commit to wearing it at least 30 times, it’s probably not worth it’.

  1. Buy vintage and secondhand.

floral-dress-with-wedges printed-dress-with-leather-jacket-and-hat gingham-print-shirt-with-lace-shorts

Coming from the fashion capital of the world, Parisian women love designer pieces, but they can also acquire it second hand. Rather buy new incredibly expensive items, the Parisian women are more likely to look for high-quality items at vintage stores. Also, shopping vintage promotes sustainability by giving an already used item another life cycle.

  1. Shop locally.

button-down-shirt-with-white-jeans-and-printed-blazer embroidered-chambray-shirt-with-denim-skirt casual-chic-dress-with-ballet-flats

Shopping locally is a great way to support your economy. Like Parisian women, seek to buy from artisans and craftsmen instead of always going the fast fashion stores and department stores. This way, you’ll save on your shopping budget at the same time you’re way less likely to see ten other people wearing your outfit. Remember, a Parisian woman values original and unique outfit. By taking these 4 shopping habits frm Parisian women, these will have a great impact on how you feel about your own style and sense of belonging in this great big world of identity inspiration. So, shop like a Parisian woman and have a timeless wardrobe.

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