4 Simple Truths about Dressing with Less

Most of the women have closets full of clothes yet nothing to wear. This happens because of the overwhelming choices presented to them and don’t know what pieces to pick to look fashionable and season appropriate. So, keep on reading for the 4 truths about dressing with less that might help you create a better style and a simpler life.

  1. You could wear something two days in a row.

gladiators-with-black-dress jeans-with-turtleneck-and-coat leather-trousers-with-sweater

You can wear the same pair of jeans several days in a row, or the same sweater, shirt, leather jacket, and such as long as you keep them neat and chic. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, make your black dress stylish by wearing them with a pair of gladiator sandals that can change your overall look, then think of wearing them with classic pumps or chic wedges the next day. Leather trousers teamed with sweater or jeans teamed with turtleneck and coat are some of the best outfit combination this fall season that you may go for over and over again.

  1. Your closet is not too small.


sweater-with-jeans-and-oversized-tote-bag quirky-print-tee-with-coat-and-jeans

When you begin to dress with less, you open up space in your closet. Instead of searching for a bigger closet, you can direct your attention to the fashion pieces that truly matter and get rid of everything that doesn’t. Like fashion blogger Emily Jackson, you may save your pastel dress for more dressy occasion rather than having too many trendy tops and skirts that you can only wear for a season. Basics such as plain sweater, navy jeans, wool coat, chic blazer and such can be a great canvas for your trendy pieces to shine. Think of catchy pieces like a quirky print top, sequin skirt, metallic blouse and such that can be dressed down by your basics, making them work in more casual settings.

  1. Your style doesn’t have to be the latest trend.

trench-blazer-with-skirt free-flowing-skirt-with-lace-top crop-top-with-denim-shorts

Your style probably isn’t what’s walking down runways, featured in fashion magazines or even what your friends are wearing. When you start wearing the clothing you like the most and that fits you the best, you will naturally develop a personal style that reflects your needs, your lifestyle, and your moods. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you can always wear your classic trench coat anytime, regardless of the trends, as well as a chic top and full skirt that can make your party style feminine and chic.

  1. Dressing with less will make your life easier.

layered-fall-outfit-with-white-sneakers gingham-print-summer-dress edgy-boots-with-white-matching-set

A challenge to dress less helps you identify what enough means to you. It also dramatically shines light on the things that mean the most to you. This eye-opening process is often fun, and always enlightening and not a project in suffering. By recognizing these simple truths about dressing with less, you’ll be able to get a more organized life and a more polished statement.

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