4 Signs That You Need a Complete Wardrobe Overhaul

Shopping can be a means of upgrading your wardrobe to give you a fresh look. In fact, women are notorious for spending hours on shopping as it may even take a whole day just to find the perfect shoe or dress. However, if you can’t remember when was the last time you went shopping and cleaned your closet, it might be the best time to evaluate your outfits. Before you start spending your hard-earned cash, here are the 4 signs that you need a complete wardrobe overhaul.

  1. You have a closet full of clothes, but nothing fits.

breezy top with striped culottes

effortlessly cool outfit with sneakers cobalt blue coat with boots

The clothes in your closet must flatter your present body, so they must fit your clothes perfectly. However, if most of your clothes are an inch tighter, think of losing those extra pounds so they’ll fit you again, or shop for your present size instead. After purging your closet, list down the items left in your wardrobe so you’ll know which items you need to buy. Once you are done with your list, buy the basic items first and refrain from buying trendy clothing since they will go out of style sooner or later.

  1. You haven’t worn some of the items in your wardrobe for about a year or so.

cozy outfit with red bag trendy top with jeans sporty pants with winter coat

Ask yourself if there’s a reason why you shouldn’t or couldn’t wear them anymore. You might have a lifestyle change so some clothes that you used to wear in the college can’t be worn at the office. If you wish to wear your favorite striped athletic pants for a casual walk in the town, think of dressing it up with a winter coat like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky did to refresh your outfit. Or, think of wearing your trendy top with a pair of different jeans and a pair of lace-up shoes like fashion blogger Johanna Olsson did.

  1. You have holes in your jeans.

distressed jeans with bohemian coat sneakers with sporty cool outfit ripped jeans with trench coat

A tattered look for a bohemian night is good, but if all of your jeans have holes in them, it is then time to buy two to three new pairs of good jeans. However, if you’re still in love with your distressed jeans, try to make your casual outfit intentional rather than sloppy, or dress them up with a coat. Like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, make your distressed jeans look trendy with a trench coat that will add some flair to your casual outfit.

  1. Your everyday basics look worn out and old.

modern grunge outfit with choker leather shirt with jeans and boots harem pants with white top

A basic white tee, jeans, tank top, button down shirt, straight leg pants and such are wardrobe must-haves. But if it looks like it has seen a good number of years, then it would be good to buy a new one or two. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to get a fresh style from your timeless basics that will serve you for more years to come.

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