4 Secrets to Unlocking Your Style

Style is unique, personal, and expressive. Though you cannot become instantly stylish just from understanding your body shape and personality, you can still take some steps to unlock your style and develop it yourself. So, keep on reading for our guidelines.

  1. Go for ensembles that reflect your personality.


romantic-party-dress-with-heels breezy-high-low-dress

Style is a form of self-expression through the clothes you’re wearing. That’s the reason why you must dress with personality in it. Your personality is the one that will tell you whether to stick to or break your rules. Like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky, you may break the rules of wearing billowy with billowy if you have a penchant for a bohemian style known for carefree silhouettes and loose clothes. Like her, you may think of wearing your off shoulder bell-sleeved top with your ripped jeans that look relaxed yet bohemian-inspired.

  1. Opt for styles that flatter your shape and proportions.

draped-nude-dress-with-heels high-waist-pants-with-tank-top off-shoulder-lace-up-bodysuit-with-high-waist-shorts

When we relate the shapes of the details in our clothing and accessories to our facial features, we create a harmony and resonance that is particularly pleasing. If you have a longer neck, resort to a higher neckline to balance it, while a woman with a shorter neck will look more flattering in V-necklines and scooped necklines. Also, knowing your body shape will tell you where to put the detail and interest in your clothing. Where you want to look for horizontal lines to balance, or add verticals to elongate. If you wish to add some curves to your straight frame, opt for ruffled, frilled, and even draped outfits like Nicole Warne did, visually adding some contours to her straight shape. Proportions tell you where to end hems, lengths of skirts, jackets, tops, sleeves and jewelry. They also tell you more about where to add detail and where to keep clean and have minimal attention drawn to areas of your body.

  1. Pick colors that suit your complexion.

breezy-white-outfit-with-sun-hat cold-shoulder-top-with-skirt-and-ankle-strap-sandals nude-bodysuit-with-camel-coat

Colors either harmonize with your natural complexion, or create a dissonance, which can be unpleasant, or even make you appear sickly. A nude shade on clothes is generally the most challenging to pull off as one shade lighter will make you look burned, and one shade closer to your complexion you’ll look naked. Like fashion blogger Oksana Orehhova, better opt for a darker shade of nude on your skin tone and team it with other neutral colors like a camel coat to break the nude-looking style.

  1. Get some style inspiration.

breezy-summer-outfit tank-top-with-striped-skirt white-top-with-high-low-skirt

Though your signature style is personal, there’s nothing wrong getting some inspirations from the experts as long as it suits you well. Fashion bloggers, street style stars, and celebrities are some of the inspirational women you can get some ideas from. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to unlock your style and make it bolder and more expressive.

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