4 Secrets to Make Everyday Dressing Easier

Whether you’re a dressy type of girl or a tee-and-jeans type one, you still exert some time and effort on getting dressed. Whether you wish to lessen the time you spend on the mirror when dressing up, or simply wish to make your everyday routine effortless, keep on reading for the 4 secrets to make everyday dressing easier.

  1. If you have to adjust something more than once, put it back.

flared trousers with classic coat and shawl

white outfit with coat and ankle boots striped turtleneck with red leather skirt

The key to having great style is to buy things that fit you properly or have them altered by a tailor. Like fashion blogger Michele Krusi, you may opt for a stretchy top teamed with a flattering skirt to look polished yet easy on your street style. “If you’re not sure, a good rule of thumb is if you have to adjust it more than once while you’re trying it on then it’s not for you. It should feel comfortable,” says designer Lindsay Narain.

  1. Never buy anything too small, not even as diet “inspiration”.

camel coat with architectural wrap skirt and hat sporty leggings with striped shirt zipped skirt with boxy top and floppy hat

A lot of woman holds onto motivational clothes, pieces that are smaller than one’s current size for the sake of future’s goals. However, buying anything too small won’t give you any benefits. “As a male model, I’ve learned this the hard way. Even when I see something really eye-catching, if it’s the last one and it’s not my size I still have to pass. I used to impulsively buy things because they were the last one and I thought I could make it work. But you can’t fix it if the fit is wrong,” says model Michael Freeby.

  1. Knowing what clothes you hate is just as important as knowing what you love.

casual outfit with camel coat overalls with bell sleeved top striped dress with blue coat

Don’t be intimidated by fashion as it’s supposed to be fun and happy, not to cause stress. “The key to finding personal style is to list—yes, write them down—items that make you feel comfortable and confident and the things that make you feel uncomfortable or just not yourself,” says Mr. Hernandez. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, you may opt for a bell sleeved top instead of a basic tee, to add some bohemian flair to your casual street style.

  1. If you are confident in your style, it will project beauty no matter what you’re wearing.

lug sole shoes with architectural jacket and modern outfit knit off shoulder sweater with jacket white tee with bulky coat and jeans

There are so many trend pieces, online articles, news snippets, and magazine blurbs about what the next ‘it’ things are or what things you ‘should never be seen in again. However, a true personal style is that which looks great to the outside world but makes the wearer feel even greater inside. “If you are confident in your style, it will project beauty no matter what you’re wearing,” says stylist Stephen Hernandez. By knowing these secrets, you’ll be able to make everyday dressing easier while keeping you true to your personal style.

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