4 Reasons You’re Lacking in Style (and What to Do About It)

Having a great sense of style doesn’t happen overnight as most women with fashion forward looks have gone through experimentations, trial and errors, and style development to learn what works for them If you’re not too conscious on your self-image, you might want to check the 4 reasons you’re lacking in style and what to do about it.

  1. You’re lack of commitment to look more stylish.


trench-coat-with-sport-cool-outfit striped-crop-top-with-printed-scarf-and-wide-leg-pants

If you’re a woman on-the-go, looking more stylish may seem a lot of work and effort for you as it’s easier to opt for a daily work uniform that can make you look work-appropriate. You might find yourself managing to look neat and tidy and fade into the background. If that’s the case, you need to commit to being stylish and learn what clothes are available to make your style more fashionable. Like fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu, you can still stick to your basic pieces like a striped top and a pair of wide leg pants on your casual street style, but spice them up with a chic hat and a printed scarf that will refresh your boring and plain look.

  1. You’re lack of inspiration to look more expressive.

fringed-skirt-with-leopard-print-blouse masculine-chic-outfit-with-classic-pumps grunge-boots-with-bomber-jacket

Looking stylish must be unique and original, but you might still need some inspiration to draw your ideas together. Think of fashion blogs, magazines, and street style photos that might inspire you to create your own style in a more expressive way. Like fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu, you may swap your classic pencil skirt with a fringed skirt that will still look great with your leopard print blouse, yet with a bohemian flair. Or, think of masculine outfits that will look feminine when you wear them with classic pumps and a lady like bag. This way, you’ll be more expressive n your looks while keeping that uniqueness in mind.

  1. You keep on shopping for basic and plain pieces.

boho-dress-with-jacket-and-lace-up-heels striped-blouse-with-wide-leg-pants pinstripe-matching-set-with-sneakers

Just deciding to buy more clothes is not going to make you more stylish. Rather than approaching shopping expeditions as “have money, will spend” approach, take these trips as chances to get the item you’re after. If you usually go shopping, buying a half dozen new things and adding them to your wardrobe won’t make everything stylish, unless you know how to style them in a more fashionable way. Think of your lifestyle, style preference, and personality that will look great with a fashion staple you’re about to buy. Think of what clothes will best work for your everyday life, whose style do you love, and what image would you like to project. If you want to be stylish you must make some conscious choices about the image you want to portray.

  1. You’re lack of plan to make your everyday look more fashionable.

white-off-shoulder-top-with-burgundy-midi-skirt denim-culottes-with-architectural-shoes cobalt-blue-neoprene-skirt-with-crop-sweater

Every achievement results come from plan and actions. If you have a clear vision of what you’d like to look like, it’s a small step to looking more fashionable as you have the ideas which fashion staples are missing from your desired look. Instead of going for a go-to uniform, plan your outfits ahead of time so you’ll have some allowance to create some personal tweaks to your looks. By considering these guidelines, you’ll be able to look more stylish and fashion-forward in no time.

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