4 Reasons Your Work Clothes Are Holding You Back

A good outfit probably won’t make you better at your job, but it can change the way your coworkers and boss perceive you. Whether you like it or not, fashion is a powerful tool for influencing the way others see you, and when it comes to being recognized and promoted by your superiors, your work clothes play a major role. So, keep on reading for the 4 reasons your work clothes are holding you back and how to deal with them.

  1. You don’t look like you belong, or you’re blending in so well that no one even notices you.

camel blazer with plaid trousers

checkered blouse with white blazer and skirt navy trench coat with office dress and striped pumps

Succeeding in an office environment is all about being part of a team, and teams have uniforms. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll let your style cloned with your co-workers. Remember, dressing that follows your office dress code lets people know, at least subconsciously, that you are part of the team. The key is to add an extra polish to your look that will distinguish yourself without going over the top. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may go for plaid trousers to team with your classic blazer, or a checkered blouse that you can wear with your office skirts. Just make sure your clothes are tailored and that you always look neat and pulled together.

  1. You look uncomfortable or too comfortable.

all black outfit with gray coat camel vest with hot pink top and white culottes dark green office suit with trendy footwear

Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes because they are ill-fitting or dressing too comfortable that your clothes are styled badly can have a huge impact on your reputation. Sometimes, when you feel bad about your outfit, you tend to hunch your shoulders and shuffle your feet to avoid being seen. Though “business casual” is tricky, it’s always a good idea to lean more toward the professional side of things than the casual as if you dress too casually it is possible that your coworkers and boss will think you don’t take your job seriously. So, you have to dress in a way that makes you feel confident, strong, and empowered, so those qualities will come out of you.

  1. You’re dressing your age.

structured coat with faal office outfit navy dress with striped sweater and peep toe burgundy trousers with camel blazer and button down shirt

Dressing your age can be a big hindrance to your success as if you look too young, older people in your workplace may believe that you lack the maturity and experience to do your job properly. On the other hand, looking too old can sometimes work against you too especially if you are working in a creative field where youth and vitality are assets your company is trying to tap into. If you’re a fan of striped sweater and preppy skirts and working in a professional environment, you may want to change up the styling a bit so your outfit feels more grown up. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, wearing a navy turtleneck dress with your striped sweater tied around your waist can be enough to make the whole look feel a bit more serious.

  1. You’re intimidating your boss on your office outfits.

pencil skirt with camel blazer and red pumps leather pencil skirt with camel vest gray coat with office outfit

Sometimes, women try to intimidate their boss on their clothes that look more stylish and hip. However, your boss, on their part, wants to know that you will represent them the same way that they would represent themselves, so dressing like the person you work for will help to put that person at ease. Looking like a leader helps others see you that way, which makes the idea of promoting you into a leadership role feel more natural while gaining greater respect and authority as a result.

Even though you have no control over the minds and opinions of your coworkers and boss, you can still influence them by dressing professionally and stylishly at the office.

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