4 Reasons Why You Must Have a Style Recipe

Much of your style comes down to your personality, what you do and don’t like, from fabric to fit, shape to detail, scale, and proportion. Since having the most useful tools can help you develop your style, keep on reading for the 4 reasons why you must have a style recipe and look more fashionable than ever.

  1. A style recipe will help you define your style.


striped-full-skirt-with-sneakers jeans-with-button-down-shirt

Having a style recipe whether you’re classy, preppy, or casual, can be great to define your look even more. If you know what you like, a style recipe will keep you stick to all the details and ensembles you love. On the other hand, if you feel a style recipe is limiting you, then you haven’t found the right recipe. Like fashion blogger Noor de Groot, you may channel your casual cool vibe with a full skirt and chic blouse teamed with sneakers. If you have a classy style, trade your sneakers to classic pumps or ballet flats. If you have an edgy style, stick to leather skirts and boots.

  1. It will give you a framework to use when shopping for clothes.

casual-chic-outfit-with-heels printed-top-with-gray-pants pastel-pink-blazer-with-striped-pants

If you have a classy and feminine style, you’ll steer clear from fashion boutiques featuring graphic tops and skinny jeans. This way, you’ll save more time and effort when going shopping. If you’re aiming for a chic style, drop to stores with office-inspired ensembles as well as formal dresses that can give you a better selection of clothes. Though timeless ensembles like coat, biker jacket, long vest, pencil skirt, and a button-down shirt are basic, you have to decide first if they suit your lifestyle before buying them.

  1. It will give you assistance when putting together outfits.

color-blocked-sweater-with-jeans-and-heels sweater-with-shorts-and-lace-up-sandals striped-shirtdress-with-pants-and-sneakers

Style recipe must not limit you to becoming a “one-look-wonder”. On the contrary, it must allow you to wear lots of different looks. Remember, your style statement will change over time, so you must stick to ones that work for you. You may also experiment on your looks in a week to know what feels best on you. Like fashion blogger Noor de Groot, you may go for a casual cool style with a striped shirtdress teamed with printed pants and sneakers one day, and go for an urban style with a sweater, shorts, and lace-up heels the other day.

  1. Having a style recipe is functional for everyday looks.

navy-outfit-with-platform-sandals tropical-print-shorts-with-lightweight-coat plaid-skirt-with-black-top-and-lugsole-shoes

A style recipe is functional, especially on days you want to be comfortable yet stylish. If your style recipe says that you love casual, relaxed, and trendy ensembles, you might have a casual tee, black sweater, plaid skirt, jeans, lugsole shoes, or sneakers on your list. If you’re aiming for a casual yet dressy style, resort to plain colored dresses or separates that you can wear with more relaxed footwear like platform sandals or even sneakers. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to create a style recipe that can help you hone your personal style even more.

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