4 Reasons Why We Buy Clothes We Never Wear (and How to Deal with It)

If your closet is loaded with clothes with tags still on, chances are you have some bad shopping habits that you need to control, or you have some deeper issues that need to be resolved. Most women shop to get a more fashion-forward style. However, why would we waste money on clothing we don’t wear? If you find yourself wondering on that question and looking for ways to deal with it, keep on reading for the top reasons.

  1. We love the item too much.

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Though it’s absolutely wise to shop for the things you love, there are shoppers who simply love what they purchased too much to risk wearing it. According to psychologists, the phenomenon is called loss aversion, and it’s especially common with women who felt deprived in their childhood. If it’s a nice dress or blouse, you might think of saving it for a worthy occasion, someplace where it will be appreciated and where you’ll want to feel like a million bucks. Some women even simply buy an extra of a favorite article of clothing due to the fear of ruining the original. Whether it’s pricey or special, the items in your wardrobe must make you feel great wearing them, so avoid buying ones that you can’t wear on a daily basis.

  1. We ignore a major flaw.

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According to psychologists, the most common explanation for why women buy an article of clothing that never leaves the closet is that the shopper did some well-intentioned but faulty thinking during the purchasing equation. If you’re going to buy a blouse, make sure it goes well with anything in your wardrobe as even it was on sale at 80% off, you can’t make it work. If you’re going to buy a pair of designer shoes, make sure it’s comfortable and you really love it, not because it carries a designer label. Don’t convince yourself that it was a good purchase even though they feel uncomfortable. Shoes are meant to be worn, so don’t wait for someplace to go where you don’t have to walk. Whether the item is sale or expensive, don’t buy it if you feel there’s something not quite right about it.

  1. We purchase for fantasy, not reality.

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Don’t allow yourself to psychologically rationalize the purchase of products that would otherwise seem inappropriate. When we shop, we visualize our future selves. That’s why so many women love to shop as it stimulates our imaginations. As we consider different items we imagine how others will respond to us, how we’ll feel wearing it, and so forth. However, visualizing a lifestyle that may not ever exist like being slimmer, the one who goes on vacations, or attends lavish black-tie events may only result to a lot of clothes left unworn. Remember, your clothes should flatter your current body and lifestyle, not the one you were five years ago or you will be in the future.

  1. We go shopping while depressed, tipsy, or on high.

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Shoppers who go shopping under the influence will likely buy things they don’t really love. So, always go shopping when you’re on a good mood, so you’ll avoid buying things just to make you feel better. Also, never purchase items you can’t return, especially online. Be sure you calculate the down side of the purchases you’re considering. Some of them include places to wear them and of they genuinely fit your lifestyle and existing wardrobe. Don’t fall prey to the idea that this is the only time you’ll ever find a designer you like on sale or a dress that’s “simply perfect.” By heeding these tricks, you’ll be a savvy shopper with a functional and stylish wardrobe that serves you well.

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