4 Reasons Why Personality Is More Important When Choosing Clothes

You may have some idea on what clothes to flatter your body type or what colors to flatter your complexion, but flattery equation doesn’t end up with those factors. Since your individuality influences what you wear, what you feel good in, and what gives you confidence, keep on reading for the reason why personality is more important when choosing clothes that might change your approach to your everyday style.

  1. Your personality is the key when choosing outfit styles and silhouettes.


white-vest-with-tall-boots chic-wrap-maxi-dress

Learning all about what you love and don’t love can really help you when buying clothes so that you won’t end up with things sitting in your closet unworn. It’s the most common reason other than fit for why women find their dressing routine nothing to wear despite of a stuffed closet. Have you ever wondered how your personality influences the styles of clothes you choose? This will be revealed by the mistakes you’ve made purchasing clothes that you don’t really love, therefore they stay in your closet for years untouched. Some women feel more comfortable wearing dresses over jeans, while some prefer to look sporty chic and laidback. Also, if you should wear knits or woven, fabrics made from natural fibers or synthetics will dictate by your personality.

  1. Your personality is the key on selecting colors, prints, and details.

bright-blue-dress-with-gold-choker tartan-skirt-with-black-blouse retro-floral-print-skirt-with-denim-jacket

Though your body shape will tell you where you should put the detail, it’s your personality that chooses colors, prints, and details to wear. If you should wear stripes, checks, floral, funky pattern, abstract prints, or animal print, that choice comes down to your personality. Like fashion blogger Michele Krusi, you may want that ribbon style detail on your blouse, or retro floral pattern on your skirt. Also, you may have a color palette that suits your complexion. But it’s your personality that dictates whether to go muted with neutral hues or go bold with neon colors. Women with romantic fashion personality draw towards feminine details and pastel palette, while minimalist women tend to go with black and whites.

  1. Your personality dictates which accessories to wear.

wedge-shoes-with-architectural-outfit fur-scarf-with-billowy-pants crop-top-with-oversized-belt-and-full-skirt

The scale of details and accessories are dictated by your personality. If you would feel best in wedge shoes or stiletto heels will depend on your personality whether you wish style over comfort or comfort over style. The styles of jewelry you choose whether cut diamonds or colorful jewels will say whether you’re a woman with classic fashion personality or one with a trendy fashion personality. Have you ever had that experience in a store where you try something on and think “It’s just not me”? That’s your personality talking, so you have to know your individuality first to create a signature look.

  1. Your personality is the thing that puts together your overall look.

colorful-palazzo-pants-with-turtleneck-sweater candy-striped-dress black-bodycon-dress-with-colorful-pumps

So much of what you choose is not based on body shape but down to who you are on the inside. When we dress to highlight ourselves in an authentic manner, we feel the most comfortable and confident. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll make your personal style more expressive, fashionable, and unique.

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