4 Reasons Why It’s Hard to Find Pants that Fit (and How to Deal with It)

Pants are one of the basic and must-have staples in our closet. But do you know that 80% of women or possibly more find it very difficult to find a pair of trousers that fit, and that’s just with their regular old bodies. So, keep on reading for the 4 reasons why it’s hard to find pants that fit and how to deal with it.

  1. Clothing manufacturers are making for some generic body that really doesn’t exist as different woman has different bodies.


distressed-boyfriend-jeans-with-striped-tee-and-sneakers classic-coat-with-white-pants-and-birkenstocks

Clothing manufacturer tend to cut straighter lines because they are cheaper to make. Remember, fashion is not about making you look great, but selling clothes that will become quickly redundant so you have to buy more. You may think of going to a tailor to get figure-flattering pants instead of searching the racks at fast-fashion stores, or have those piece you’ve bought altered to make it flatter you strategically.

  1. There are just too many fit points and women’s bodies are too varied.

distressed-jeans-with-chambray-shirt sexy-tank-top-with-leather-trousers ripped-jeans-with-quilted-jacket

Women have so many fit points including the waist, hips, rise, bottom, thighs, calves, leg length and such. Apple shaped, inverted-triangle shaped, and rectangle shaped women often find that the waist of pants is too tight, resulting in a nasty muffin top, while the hips are too saggy. If they do find a pant that has a waistband that fits, because of their straighter shape, they may slide down all the time and they spend the day hitching up their trousers. One of the best tricks is to wear a supporting belt that cinch on the waist, providing your pants are in a good shape. If you usually find that the waists are too large just to fit your hips, maybe because the rise is too low while your hips are too tight which create nasty pulling across your crotch. This time, think of going for a higher rise of pants to hold your midsection.

  1. Your height and length of legs matter.

flared-pants-with-boho-top sexy-casual-shirt-with-white-pants jogger-pants-with-cut-out-top

Petite women find that even if they take the pants up, the proportions of the shape, where the knee should be, is out of whack and so the trousers don’t look quite right while tall women have endless issue trying to find pants that don’t look like they’ve grown out of them. Since pants are tricky garments to purchase and there is only so much you can alter a pair, go for a roomier style that fit well on your waist, so the tailor will have some allowance to alter it for you.

  1. Fabric contributes to the flattering fit of your pants.

wide-leg-pants-with-boho-top-and-hat skinny-jeans-with-crop-top dressy-pants-with-turtleneck-top

Having some stretch in the fabric helps with fit issues, but certainly doesn’t eliminate them. If you have some bulges on your thighs, think of sturdy fabrics that can smoothen out your silhouette. On the other hand, leather trousers, leggings, and tights can be great if you wish to show off your long lean legs. So, next time you’re in a store trying on trousers and they don’t fit, instead of berating yourself, instead just say to yourself “these pants were not designed for my unique female shape” and let them go back on their hanger. Having a garment that fits and flatters makes you feel so much more confident, so give more patience when finding your perfect fitting pants, or pay more to get that perfect fit. This way, you’ll get a chance to score the most flattering pants for you instead of fitting you to an unflattering garment that doesn’t suit your shape.

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