4 Reasons to Just Say “No” to the Return of Flared Jeans

Before jumping into throwback trends that look hip and trendy nowadays, think of the reasons why they were out of style. They might be back in fashion, but they can still be horrible. By knowing these 4 reasons, you would likely say “no” to the return of flared jeans.

  1. You want to look taller, not shorter.

blazer with all white outfit

crop top with flared jeans classic button down shirt with flared jeans

Regardless how trendy they are for now, you have to dress for your body not for trends. If you’re curvy or you have thick legs, keep in mind that there’s nothing elongating about flared jeans. If you are experiencing skinny jean fatigue, you’re better off buying yourself a great pair of boyfriend jeans with a more comfortable fit yet not as overwhelming as a pair of flared jeans. Skinny jeans with a good stretch and boyfriend jeans are relaxed. Flared jeans are like an A-line dress for your legs, except that instead of drawing attention to your waist and making it look smaller, they draw attention to your knees and make them look closer together. If you can’t give up the flared trend, opt for a pair of flared jeans with a skinny fit on your thighs and flares on your knees. Also, going for high-waist style would help a bit to look balanced and proportioned.

  1. You’re not actually going for a ’70s look.

camel coat with flared jeans poncho with flared jeans leather jacket with flared jeans

Flares are about as ’70s as it gets, so no matter what you wear them with, your outfit is going to look at least a little ’70s that look dated and costumey. But if you like to wear it, make the silhouette a bit modern by teaming it with boxy and structured tops, and skip those suede fabrics and fringed details that scream 70s.

  1. You like tucking your jeans into your boots from time to time.

burgundy scarf and boots with gray jeans fur coat with skinny jeans and combat boots fringe bag with gray and black outfit

You can try folding the flare around your ankle and then tuck them in, but you would only add all that extra bulk beneath your boots. If you’re a fan of knee-high boots, over-the-knee boots, or even skinny ankle boots, keep in mind that you can wear them with a pair of flared jeans and still look polished. Instead of investing in flared jeans that you’ll hardly wear in the colder months, opt for a pair of skinny jeans, boot cut trousers, or boyfriend jeans that you can wear with anything.

  1. You’ll hardly wear your flared jeans with more than one pair of shoes.

flared jeans with sailor blazer and silk scarf flared jeans with black top and jacket colorful boho blouse with flared jeans

Because flared jeans only look halfway decent when they are long enough, you are pretty much limited to one heel height per pair just avoid skimming the ground. You don’t want to wear jeans with filthy, raggedy hems dragging on the ground behind you that can be caused by lower heels as it will drag your hemline on the ground. On the other hand, if you wear a higher heel, they’ll look like Capri pants that will shorten your frame even more. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll think first before investing in a pair of flared jeans.

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