4 Pretty Hair Colors for Spring

Spring marks the blooming of the flowers that wilted during the winter. Like these blooms, you can escape from your otherwise boring hair hues by trying any of these rad hair colors for spring.

Wonderful in Warm Blonde

While super pale vanilla blonde is definitely hot, it takes a lot of prep and maintenance time. If you don’t have a lot of hair time in your hands, then warm blonde should be one of your choices for hair colors for spring. What’s great about warm blonde is that it will definitely catch the eye of the guy (or girl) beside you. While there are many warm blonde hair colors for spring, stylists recommend dyeing your locks in strawberry blonde. This hue is perfect for your hair – which has been deprived of the glistening sun last winter.

strawberry blonde hair

strawberry blonde hairdo strawberry blonde

Pretty in Platinum Blonde

While warm blonde is a great hue for this season, you can still go lighter with platinum hair colors for spring. Widely popularized by Kendall Jenner and Michelle Williams, the platinum blonde hue is the perfect color if you want something that can prepare you for the coming summer. According to stylists, it’s a great shade to have with the coming season – as it conveys a cool and bright tone. If you already have a pale blonde hair color, you can achieve the platinum effect by obtaining even paler highlights.

platinum blonde platinum blonde hairdo platinum blonde hair

Heavenly in Honey

With the spring days running by, one cannot help but be excited for summer. If you are one of these ladies, then your honey is one of the hair colors for spring that you need to try out. A popular choice amongst many stars, honey highlights will make you look like you’ve just been on a tropical beach vacation. While it looks good in all ladies, honey hair colors for spring best suit brunettes with olive to dark skin tones.

miranda honey highlights olivia honey highlights rosie honey highlights

A Pop of Pastel Color

Coloring your hair in a fresh hue might be your first impulse this spring. But instead of dyeing your hair in a head of say, purple or green, why not consider pops of pastel colors instead? This is a great way to ease in the unique hair colors for spring. Plus, the soft pastel hues won’t give you a shock – especially if you are new to the field of hair coloring. Highlights, peek-a-boos, and ombre hair hues will revitalize your look – without you risking the chance of changing your entire hair color.

pop out pastel hair pastel ombre pastel highlights

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