4 Practical Reasons Why Suede Sandals Must Be Your Go-To Footwear

Feet often go unnoticed until they are in pain, and proper-fitting footwear appropriate to the type of activity the wearer is doing and what special needs her feet may have can be addressed. If you’re not a sneaker-and-jeans type of girl, yet wish to rest your feet from sky-high stilettos, keep on reading for the 4 practical reasons why suede sandals must be your go-to footwear.

  1. Your feet deserve comfortable and functional footwear.


t-strap-sandals-with-dress-and-red-coat loose-pants-with-button-down-shirt-and-ankle-strap-sandals

Your feet work to provide the entire body with support, balance, and mobility. Though they are the shock absorber and “propulsion engine”, an imbalance in the feet can cause pain in another part of the body such as the back. Obviously, taking care of your feet is important to your well-being. That is why choosing the appropriate footwear, such as suede sandals, is worthy of consideration.

  1. Suede is leather with a specific finish.

casual-chic-outfit-with-chunky-heels shirtdress-with-silk-scarf-and-suede-sandals designer-versace-dress-with-ankle-strap-sandals

Many women prefer real leather footwear that a lifetime. Keep in mind that leather is a material that comes from the skin or hide of animals, and it is cured or tanned to prevent decay. The suede is in fact made from leather where the tanning process provides it durability and flexibility. To create suede from leather, the leather is buffed with wheels made of emery with the purpose of raising a nap, usually on the flesh side of the material. This creates a very soft and attractive material that makes excellent sandals that provide comfort and style at the same time.

  1. Suede is sometimes likened to feeling like “butter” on the foot.

breezy-tank-top-and-striped-shorts-with-sandals red-off-shoulder-dress-with-wedge-sandals lace-up-sandals-with-military-chic-jumpsuit

Many women prefer suede to other types of leather since it’s more comfortable. Suede sandals, shoes, boots and such are an important investment in a woman’s wardrobe and should be cared for by first applying water and stain-proof coating with materials available on the market for suede. This makes it much easier to clean the suede sandals when they become dirty.

  1. Suede sandals come in a range of styles that can make you look fashion-forward.

asymmetric-sandals-with-chic-outfit lace-up-sandals-wirh-burgundy-pants-and-bodysuit color-blocked-outfit-with-suede-sandals

Whether you seek sporty-chic sandals, comfortable sandals for travel, everyday sandals for walking, or dressy sandals for a chic occasion, there’s a pair of suede sandals for you. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, you may opt for an asymmetric style of suede sandals that looks sexy and chic with your party outfit. Or, go trendy with color blocked suede sandals that you can wear with your colorful outfit like fashion blogger Nicole Warne did. There are also lace-up styles for bohemian-chic outfits. Like fashion blogger Oksana Orehhova, you may add some carefree touch to your modern urban outfit with a pair of lace-up sandals that look chic and bohemian. By considering these reasons, you’ll be able to look comfortable at the same time stylish with suede sandals.

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