4 Mouth-watering Red Glosses

4 Mouth-watering Red Glosses

Red lip gloss is a much more ‘suit all’ product than one might think and, in fact, it’s a great way for those not yet confident with red lipstick to venture into red lip territory. There are plenty of red glosses on the market in a variety of finishes and price-brackets, but I’ve narrowed it down into my four favourite shades!

4-Mouth-watering-Red-Glosses 4-Mouth-watering-Red-Glosses1

Estee Lauder Cherry Kiss – This gloss was limited edition on 2010 however it bares a strong resemblance to Mac Dazzle Glass in Love Alert, which would be a perfect substitute if you cannot locate Cherry Kiss. Both of these glosses have a moderately pigmented red base with strong pink tones and a smattering of bright pink shimmer. They are real ‘party’ glosses and perfect for adding a pop of colour to your lips!

4-Mouth-watering-Red-Glosses lips

Chanel Aqualumiere gloss in Party Red – This is a staple shade for me, as you can see from the swatches above it’s a little sheerer than the other shades. There is also no shimmer or shine in Party Red, just pure red gloss. It’s a very ‘clean’ red and, by that, I mean there are no obvious blue or orange tones. It would suit any skin-tone and has a wonderful non-sticky texture. In true Chanel form it’s elegant and luxurious.

 4-Mouth-watering-Red-Gloss lips

4-Mouth-watering-Red-Gloss lip

Dior Ultra-Gloss Reflects #757 Red Stockings – this is another sparkly red gloss with a high-shine finish. The shimmer particles are plentiful and come in a mix of gold, red and pink shades. Red Stockings is pure glamour! This gloss has a decent amount of pigment and, like the Chanel gloss, has a great, smooth texture without being too sticky.

4-Mouth-watering-Red-Glosses glitter

Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose – This is, perhaps, more a lip balm than a gloss but it has a gorgeous sheen and great colour payoff…so I included it in this happy, little glossy family. The Korres lip butters are wonderfully smooth, non-sticky and this particular shade has a beautiful rose scent. You can see, from the swatches above, that it’s a little deeper than the other glosses and I would say it lives up to its name in being a ‘rose’ shade of red. You can sheer this product out for a romantic ‘flushed’ look or build it up for a more intense shade of rose-red. This product has the added benefit of keeping lips hydrated and smooth.


Here are a few more worth checking out:

  • Mac Lustreglass in Venetian
  • Stila Lipglaze in Strawberry (for a pinky-red) or Cranberry (for a deeper red)
  • YSL Golden Gloss #17 Golden Cherry or #37 Golden Red

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