4 Military Style Hacks to Learn from Marines

The rules of the military can benefit us not only for being more disciplined, but also to make our fashion style more functional yet stylish. They also have protocols to follow like us with a dress code to follow at work, as well as keeping our style streamlined and polished. So, keep on reading for the 4 military style hacks to learn from marines.

  1. Be in a go-to uniform but don’t lose your personal style.

casual-outfit-with-printed-kimono military-romper-with-lace-up-sandals skinny-jeans-with-cut-out-crop-top

The strict uniform rules of the military do not limit one of their individual styles. In fact, it amplifies an individual’s attention to detail. So, don’t be afraid to take your go-to uniform to the next level. Whether you’re heading to your casual walk, dressy party, or even casual office, there are many ways to express personal style with the details of your “go-to uniform”. You may look different from your friends by going for a cut-out crop top that you’ll wear with skinny jeans instead of just a plain tee like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace did. Or, add some feminine flair to your military romper with lace up sandals instead of edgy boots.

  1. Your personal presentation at work is important.


white-culottes-with-tunic off-shoulder-top-with-boxy-culottes-and-structured-bag

Most are aware that the military is based on a precise ranking system and not following them can lead to subtle penalties. The same thing happens in a professional environment. During an interview, the hiring manager is examining the detail of your appearance, whether your blouse is pressed and your hair is neat. So, go for a professional office outfit that will give you a high rank to the general public and open you up to relationships and opportunities that otherwise might not be available to you.

  1. Respect the protocol or dress code.

flirty-fascinator-hat-with-wide-leg-pants leather-miniskirt-with-stiletto-pumps-and-vest fur-vest-with-midi-skirt

The rules of the military have taught the marines to have respect for protocol as breaking the rules puts them in jeopardy. The same thing goes to you if the environment you’re going to calls for a specific dress code. Whether white tie, black tie, business professional, dressy casual and such, you have to follow it as it’s disrespectful to the host of the event or the person in charge if the rules are not followed.

  1. Your attire is your everyday armor.

woven-bag-with-breezy-outfit printed-bandeu-with-matching-pants cut-out-top-with-statement-necklace-and-embellished-sandals

Remember, we are judged and categorized based upon what we wear and how we are groomed. So why not use your appearance to your advantage? If you wish for a more expressive yet relaxed style, think of copying Nini Nguyen’s look, wearing a casual cut-out top teamed with shorts and a statement necklace and embellished sandals that spiced up her style effortlessly. Since leaders lead from the front, have the courage to be the best-dressed woman so you’ll make those military tricks work for you.

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