4 Keys to Wearing High Heels

When you were younger, you might through pages and pages of fashion magazines admiring the models shoe game. In reality, we often see some women who are tip-toeing, limping, crawling, and hopping their way in high heels. Though the transition from wearing flats or sneakers to wearing high heels is a bit challenging, keep on reading for the 4 keys to wearing high heels gracefully.

  1. Get your size, not someone else’s.


winter-white-outfit-with-pumps slip-tank-top-with-white-skirt

That horrible feeling when you see a pair that you really love but they only have sizes that don’t fit you yet buy them anyway. No matter how much they have reduced the price, no one will look great with a pair of shoes that don’t fit. Keep in mind that your feet will naturally shift a bit forward as you walk. So, make sure there’s enough room for your toes to twinkle and they aren’t rubbing the back of your heel. You may even think of going for broken sizes that might be more comfortable for you over the shoe sizes you used to wear.

  1. Break them in to make them more comfortable.

graphic-print-outfit-with-heels translucent-heels-with-nude-top-and-graphic-print-skirt red-coat-with-white-dress-and-stiletto-pumps

Shoes get even more comfortable when they have a bit of wear on them. Walk them around the house to break them in before taking them for a spin outside. Or, try using a shoe stretcher. Breaking them in before wearing them on your special occasion is your advantage as you’re practicing your feet to balance in them and you’ll know whether you can wear them for a long period of time. Also, they’ll be more comfortable to walk in after you break them in than wearing them fresh on your special event.

  1. Have a good posture and balance.

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Heels basically make you walk on the balls of your feet, and even on your tip toes in some cases. Because of that, your posture is a key to walking in them gracefully. You must have your shoulders back, tummy pulled in, and buttocks poked out. By doing this, it will help to keep you centered and balanced too, therefore no wobbling for you.

  1. Wear some attitude and be confident.

suede-pumps-with-casual-chic-outfit peach-mermaid-skirt-with-mesh-top-and-patent-pumps yellow-vest-with-black-pants-and-classic-pumps

Confidence is a major key when it comes to doing anything. If you’re new to wearing heels, pick a pair of shoes or sandals you’re comfortable walking in. You might feel more comfortable in chunky heels over stiletto heels as it can give you more stability and balance that will show through your confidence. If you’re required to wear higher heels, make sure you’ll be able to walk in them comfortably without wobbling or being too conscious that you might fall. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to walk in heels gracefully and elegantly like every woman should be.

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