4 Keys to Controlling Your Closet for Good

Have you spent time organizing your closet only to find that within days it is an unruly mess? A truly effective organizing not only establishes order, but makes it easy to maintain. So, keep on reading for the 4 keys to controlling your closet for good.

  1. Design your closet to suit your preferences and your wardrobe.


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While some women prefer to roll and stuff the shirts and sweaters into space, others find using hangers faster than folding, as well as hooks. Before cleaning your closet, know first what works for your habits and activities. Many women have never really thought about what they prefer most, and simply take an inherited closet as is and try to make it work. So, for each category of clothing, figure out how you like to store it best. Then take a closer look at your closet and assess if it has the right mix of hanging space, shelves, drawers, and hooks to organize your wardrobe.

  1. Make sure you can easily access ensembles easily with no digging needed.

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It is often the quick removal of an ensemble from closet that contributes to a messy mound of clothes. One of the biggest complaints women have is re-folding clothes they have already folded once. To avoid re-folding clothes, make sure first that your shelves are not too far apart to avoid piling folded garments too high, and filing clothes in drawers so you can see each garment and extract only the one you are looking for. Think of hanging your dresses and shirts especially if they need to be ironed so you won’t rush yourself to make them neat when you need them the most.

  1. Respect the space.

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An over-stuffed closet is one of the most challenges in a woman’s wardrobe. Remember, you have to maximize your space, yet must keep them neat and organized. To get organized, let go of things to help you keep focus on the priorities of the space. If you pull out three items of clothing at once because they are so jammed together, it’s time to curate your closet to respect the physical limits of the space. Remember, clothes must not only be visible but also must be as easy to retrieve as to return. You may think of keeping an opaque garment bag in your closet to make it handy to package clothes you no longer wear.

  1. Put things away.

sexy-wrap-top-with-shorts-and-over-the-knee-boots gladiators-with-breezy-boho-outfit birkenstocks-with-breezy-cool-outfit

Putting clothes away is another very common challenge, because the process often feels tedious. Women are often perpetually busy and in rushing from task to task it’s easy to forget to restore order. Before leaving your room, take a look behind you and see if there is anything to put away or move to another location before you go. This way, keeping your closet neat and organized doesn’t become an overwhelming task. By heeding our simple tricks, you’ll be able to control your closet for good.

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