4 Keys to Building a Minimalist Wardrobe

If you’re buried in a sea of outfit choices and your wardrobe feel suffocating for you, maybe it’s time to build a minimalist wardrobe. Dressing up is a form of expression and presentation. If you enjoy shopping, finding deals, and scoring on items you love, you can still do that while keeping the ‘less is more’ approach in mind. So, keep on reading for the keys to building a minimalist wardrobe.

  1. Figure out your personal style.

stretchy black midi dress with robe and sneakers

lace up blouse with frayed jeans flared pants with black top

Figuring out your personal style will open the doors for what aesthetic you’re going for, and what fashion pieces you need. Like fashion blogger Sara Donaldson, you may go for a minimalist style with a mix of sporty or bohemian looks. Think of a minimalist black dress that you can wear with a robe and sneakers to change up a classy minimalism to a sporty minimalism while keeping everything timeless. Or, add some bohemian accents to your minimalist wardrobe by going for black colored flared pants and lace-up tops like Sara did.

  1. Less is more.

off shoulder top with slit skirt turtleneck top with jeans structured white top with black pants

In marketing psychology, there is an argument called the paradox of choice. The concept basically argues that the more choices you present women the more frustrated and unhappy they become. By keeping your wardrobe simple, it won’t overwhelm you and you’ll fell more satisfied. If your closet feels like it’s suffocating you, maybe because there is too much to keep track of and the anxiety you may be feeling is because you don’t want to miss on a particular look or item.

  1. Simplicity is beauty.

structured tube top with leather trousers structured vest with asymmetric heels white tee with gray midi skirt and lace up sandals

Sometimes, we fail to appreciate the beauty of the pieces in our closet because we are so bogged down by all the choices before us. You may think that the more of these options you have, the more likely you will achieve the style you want. However, it can work the opposite way as it can also overwhelm you with options, drain your finances, and waste your time shopping to accumulate more.

  1. Invest in the right pieces.

turtleneck top with back;ess black dress and boots structured off shoulder top with gray skirt leather jacket with black maxi dress and sneakers

If you’re crowding your closet and having more laundry bills to pay for yet you have a lot of low-quality clothes, that won’t give you a great deal. Essentials that will help you achieve your look so think of buying less yet high-quality ones. Also, commit to buying only items you absolutely love and look beyond the price tag. Before buying a certain item, think first what are some of the ways you will wear it, and how many occasions can you wear it to. Are there similar pieces you currently own that can fit the bill? By investing in the right pieces, you’ll get a minimalist wardrobe that will keep your everyday look more personal and stylish.

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