4 Golden Rules of Style

Style is one of the most expressive means to show off your individuality, creativity, and confidence. However, getting a great style is one of the most personal yet complex things to explore. Whether you’re just developing your personal style, or wishing to make your looks more presentable, keep on reading for the 4 golden rules of style that will change your fashion image.

  1. Style is all about proportions.


white-top-with-fur-skirt-and-over-the-knee-boots peplum-top-with-black-shorts

Remember, looking and feeling good comes down to correctly dressing your body proportions. The key is to highlight your best assets and focus on balancing your shape. By dressing to suit your body you will avoid drawing attention to any “problem areas”. As a rule of thumb, light colored pieces will enhance your best features, so if you want to draw attention to a certain part of your body, wear white of another light shade in that area. Also, patterns and elaborate details can also be used to accentuate your features. Generally, making your lower and upper body parts appear in line with one another will create a perfect proportion. To create a defined waist, use belts and embellishments to polish your outfit. On the other hand, you can achieve an overall balanced silhouette by pairing clothes that are in proportion to your body shape.

  1. Getting a perfect fit makes your looks expensive and smart.

brocade-blazer-with-fall-outfit white-dress-with-mary-jane-stiletto-pumps lace-dress-with-scarf-and-cowboy-hat

No matter how cheap or expensive your clothes are, if it’s ill-fitting, then it won’t look expensive or smart. Remember, every body shape has beautiful attributes. While an hourglass has an amazing waist, pears have exceptional curves, while inverted triangles and apple figures have extraordinary legs. Since dressing for your body type will instantly improve your image, you have to go for clothes that fit you perfectly to create a smooth silhouette. Baggy garments and clothes that are too tight can make you appear bigger than you are, so make sure your clothes fit your body measurements.

  1. Your personal style is a reflection of your personality.

blue-stiletto-pumps-with-full-skirt-and-printed-top turban-with-slit-chambray-dress-and-statement-heels quirky-print-sweater-with-ripped-jeans

You have to make your clothes express your personality, making your image ideal, unique, and expressive. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may think of going for a quirky print top to add some playful vibe to your street style. Whether you wish for a classy look or eccentric style, the key is picking fashion pieces that express your individuality.

  1. Fashion statement is dictated by confidence.

edgy-boots-with-printed-outfit-and-structured-bag orange-skirt-with-hot-pink-top-with-bowler-hat white-dress-with-jacket

Confidence is the key to letting your personal style shine through. Knowing your best colors and how to use them to your advantage will give you a healthy glow and a boost in your self-confidence. So, when you’re selecting clothes, choose ones that compliment your personality, body shape, and lifestyle. While your attitude can make or break your look, confidence will help you to embrace and define your own individual image. By considering these guidelines, you’ll be able to make your style personal, unique, and statement-making.

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