4 Fashion Rules Powerful Women Always Follow

Whether you’re a working in a conservative office or spending your leisure time outdoors, looking powerful on your style will bring a sound judgment on your individuality. So, keep on reading for the 4 fashion rules powerful women always follow so you’ll get a bold style while showing off your personality.

  1. Have a distinctive style.

floral print dress with white blazer

statement matching set with camel coat off shoulder button down shirt with culottes striped fur jacket with slit dress

Your style speaks of you, so it’s important to get a distinctive style as each woman differs from the other. For instance, wearing sleeveless dresses with studded belts rather than traditional suits will reflect your position of power. If you’re a fan of prints, pick those that flatter your personality as classic stripes look best on minimalist women while floral patterns look more suitable for romantic personas. Whether it’s a particular color or silhouette, your personal style will make you look more reliable while saving time on your dressing routine.

  1. Dress for your body type.

fit and flare orange dress with edgy shoes flared cut out jumpsuit tank top with boxer shorts off shoulder blouse with full skirt

Powerful women know what looks good on them and accept their bodies. If you’re lean and lack curves, add some flair to your style by going for full skirts and ruffled tops to add some volume on your frame. Pear-shaped women will benefit from flared trousers that will balance their wide hips. Also, think of a wrap dress or fit-and-flare dress that’s universally flattering regardless of your shape. This way, you’ll look more confident and powerful on your outfits regardless of the label of your clothing.

  1. Value quality over quantity.

full skirt with structured jacket skinny jeans with layered top and snakeprint sneakers ripped jeans with camel coat monochromatic outfit with coat

Successful women are shrewd with money, but they also know when to open their wallets. Instead on splurging on sale items on fashion stores, go for wise investments that you can wear in a lifetime. Get the most for your money by looking at the construction of the pieces, paying attention to the quality of the fabric and inspecting the small details. Whether it’s a full skirt, structured jacket, leather trousers, denim jeans, or wool coat, timeless pieces are versatile enough to match with any of your outfits. Also, a minimalist leather bag, high-quality leather boots, and classic pumps will serve you for years to come.

  1. Be expert on accessorizing.

chic hat with polka dots dress striped pants with black top statement necklace with floral blouse and leather shorts pink pumps with color blocked bag and casual chic outfit

Accessories can make or break your look and it can also help you transition from context to context, without doing a full costume change. Whether you’re wearing your most casual jeans or most sophisticated dress, accessories can be the single easiest way to trip up an otherwise sharp look. A polka dot print dress can easily look bohemian with a cowboy hat while plain top and striped pants will look a bit quirky with playful sunglasses and avant-garde necklace. They’re also the easiest way to elevate an otherwise mediocre ensemble. When wearing your casual jeans with a chic blazer, spice your outfit with a colorful bag and a pair of pink pumps. Just consider ones that can transform an outfit from out-of-date to current, or to infuse a traditional look with some modern flair.

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