4 Fall Trends for Minimalists

The trends that come out during fall season are always some of the greatest and most chic ones for the whole year, so if you’ve been waiting for trends to follow then this is the time to start getting into it. For minimalists who aren’t very big on loud and bold trends, fall may be a little overwhelming. All the dark, rich colors and big prints and statement textures sure can get to you if you’re not careful. The good thing is that not all fall trends are loud and bold. Here are a few fall trends that minimalists are sure to love.

  1. Queen Velveteen – adding texture to an outfit to make it look more interesting is important if you want to up your style game. As a minimalist, however, that may seem a little too overwhelming to do since many of the textures we know are either too much of a statement or just too loud and bold in general. If you want to add texture to your look without going over the top, wearing velvet is a good way to do so. Velvet is easy on the eyes, and it feels awesome too!velvet-coordinates
    velvet-moss-green-slip-dress velvet-inner-top-with-black-blazer
  2. Fur collars – if you’ve always wanted to sport something furry but were always afraid that a jacket or a coat would be too much for your minimalist self to handle, why not try adding just a pop of fur by wearing a fur collar? These are great for women who don’t feel like wearing a full fur piece since it still adds a nice texture to the look and is quite alright for keeping yourself warm,fur-collar-and-marsala-velvet-dress fur-collar-on-simple-black-outfit fur-collar-with-denim-jacket
  3. Button up skirt – so you want something to spice up your look but don’t want anything too over-the-top? How about them button up skirts that are so on trend these days? Button up skirts are a bit of a throwback to the 90s when almost every single denim skirt featured button up front closures. This time, though, you can get button up skirts in suede, leather, and all other sorts of fabric to match your style.button-up-basic-denim-skirt button-up-skirt-and-striped-top button-up-skirt-casual-classic-outfit
  4. Patterned plaid – if there’s one thing minimalists don’t miss too much in the world of fashion, it’s prints. Minimalists can get by with just about any solid color and prints aren’t as much of a necessity to them as it is to fashionistas who prefer colorful looks. If you find your outfit a little too boring however, and you want to spruce it up with a sprinkle of print then your best bet would be plaid. This print pattern is perfect for fall and is simple enough to keep minimalists happy.plaid-classic-shirt-and-jeans plaid-pop-scarf plaid-shirt-dress-outfit


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