4 Fab Ways to Wear Midi Skirts

Wearing a skirt is one of the best ways to show off your feminine side but looking good in one isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s a little tricky to pull off a cute outfit when you don’t know what kind of skirt works best for your figure. Skirt length is one of the most important things to consider when picking out a skirt to wear. You’ll want your skirt short enough to have just the right flirty vibe but also long enough to cover what has to be covered. You’ll also want your skirt to be just the right length so it doesn’t make you shorter or your legs stubbier. Finding a length that would make you a few inches taller is always a plus, though. If you still haven’t found the right skirt style for you, you might want to check out the midi skirt. It’s the perfect length, not as long as a maxi skirt but not too short like a mini either. Here are some fab ways to wear midi skirts.

  • High waisted – midi skirts are one of the most flattering skirt styles when it comes to making your legs look good. The height somehow works great for both tall and petite women. If you’re petite, though, you can make the most out of this by wearing a high waisted midi skirt. This look is perfect both for casual and dressy looks and it works great for all body figures, too. If you’re buying your first midi skirt, I would suggest going for a high waisted one as there are so many looks that you can do with it.

high waisted midi skirt

belted high waisted midi gray midi outfit

  • Pencil cut – another really flattering way to wear a mid skirt is to go for the pencil cut. Pencil cut skirts in general have a very good figure enhancing silhouette. It’s a great way to enhance the curves that you already have or create the curves that you lack. Tucking your top in your pencil cut midi skirt will help enhance your figure so do that if you already have shapely curves. If you need some help creating an illusion of a curvier waist, just add on a belt and you should have an instant hourglass figure illusion.

crop top and midi high waist cute striped pencil midi skirt

  • Full midi – if you’re a girly girl, perhaps you’ll enjoy wearing a full midi skirt. It has a very feminine look and feel to it and it’s very chic too. This is the midi skirt you’ll want to go for if you’re looking for captivating and enchanting look. It’s girly but not too flirty and can look very elegant when worn with the right top and accessories. The only downside to this, though, is that it’s not as universally flattering as other midi skirt styles as it only works fantastically well on women who are more on the leaner side.

full neon midi red full midi skirt

  • Pleated – a really great way to add lots of texture to your outfit is to wear a pleated mini skirt. Pleated midi skirts can be anything from light and flowy to heavy and full and which one to wear will depend on your body type. This midi skirt style is super posh and stylish and it works great for any look, from casual to street style and even dressy ones.

maroon midi skirt neutral pleated midi pleated midi skirt


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