4 Easy Ways to Look Ladylike and Professional

Office wear has a bad reputation for being plain and boring. When you’re striving to look professional, it’s easy to let your personal style slip. However, there’s an elegant style that’s made for the office. If you’re struggling to find a balance between your taste and corporate dress codes, keep on reading for our 4 easy ways to look ladylike and professional.

  1. Go for a flattering silhouette on your office outfits.

fitted gray sweater with pleated neoprene skirt

wool camel coat with office outfit and classic pumps robe vest with office outfit

Though there’s nothing more ladylike than a classic little black dress, you can still go for your pleated skirts, chic blazers, and fit-and-flare dresses that can still be versatile enough for both workday conference calls and late-night cocktails. When picking your office outfit, remember that it’s about the flattering silhouette. If you’re working in a creative field, you may copy Blair Eadie’s style of wearing a fitted gray sweater with her pleated neoprene skirt. Also, don’t hide your curves in a shapeless coat. Instead, accentuate your feminine curves by wearing an A-line coat that ties at the waist, giving the illusion of a ladylike flared skirt like fashion blogger Mary Orton did.

  1. Opt for a good color combination.

burgundy jacket with casual office outfit printed trousers and black top with olive green coat creative office outfit with green coat

Incorporating bright and bold colors is a great way to have fun with your office wear while remaining classy and ladylike. However, stick to decent color combination to avoid looking flashy, even if you’re in a creative workplace. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, choose ensembles that are formal in structure, just like a pair of navy trousers, printed blazer, and chic blouse, and wear a green coat on top of it. You may also select a daring color like cobalt blue, red, or lavender that will add some flair to your work outfits. Though it may seem gutsy to wear such a bright color to work, as long as feel confident and professional, you’ll give off that vibe.

  1. Play with prints and patterns appropriate in the office.

checkered trousers with robe coat colorful striped skirt with white button down shirt colorful plaid coat with office outfit

Don’t be afraid to express your creative flair with bold patterns that will be the highlight of your outfit. However, stick to classic prints especially if it’s colorful to avoid looking too comfortable in your workplace. Like Mary Orton, you may resort to a pair of checkered trousers, colorful plaid coat, or a candy striped skirt that will go well with your neutral-colored basics.

  1. Polish your office looks with chic, feminine accessories.

striped shirt with accordion skirt and white blazer printed blanket scarf with office outfit architectural bag and choker with pinstripe coat

Wearing feminine accessories with your office outfits is an easy way to incorporate some classic glamor into your style. Though a silk square scarf delicately tied around the neck has a way of making any woman look and feel like a 1950s starlet, wearing it draped on your shoulders and belting it also look classy and elegant like Mary Orton did. Accessories make your dressing in the morning extra-easy and can be transformed every week with different accessories. To make this look even more ladylike, highlight your waist with a skinny belt. By paying attention to the little details of your accessories, it will give you an air of being pulled-together and composed. So, make your office looks creative and ladylike by following our easy tricks.

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