4 Easy Ways to Flatter Big Hips

Learning how to flaunt your assets and conceal your flaws will give you an advantage when it comes to dressing. If you’re pear-shaped and feel too conscious on your big hips, keep on reading for the 4 easy ways to flatter it.

  1. Pay special attention to the style of your clothes.


wide-leg-pants-with-lace-crop-top fit-and-flare-mesh-dress

Before loving a certain dress or pants, pay special attention to the cut of your clothes as the wrong cut can be disastrous. Work with curve slimming styles that show your bottom and your waist as well as the fit-and-flare options. If the bottom half is wide then you need to widen the top half to offset. Also, pay attention to the fabric as bulky fabrics bulk you up. Go for ones that skim and hug your curves in all the right places without clinging. When shopping for pants, opt for straight leg, flared, or wide leg pants. Remember, pants should skim your hips then fall straight down to make your legs look longer and it should be a mid-rise. Low slung pants will make you look wider and shorter.

  1. Don’t try to cover it up, you’ll just make it look bigger and wider.

black-pants-with-abstract-print-top metallic-dress-with-hat-and-boots gray-and-orange-outfit-withblazer

Instead of covering up with long tops and boxy coats, the best strategy is to let it see the light of day. Just be sure the curve of your waist and bottom are defined. Avoid short skirts, even if you have fabulous thighs, but instead go for knee length that will highlight your sexy bottom. Also, be careful with A-line skirts and dresses as they may flare out over your butt and emphasize rather than contain. Never wear loose or unstructured styles as they’ll only bunch and stretch in all the wrong places.

  1. Keep the bottom half of your outfits simple and streamlined.

nude-bodysuit-with-leather-skirt ruffled-pastel-blue-dress-with-nude-sandals plum-accordion-skirt-with-gray-top

Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez, you may go for a pencil skirt if your proportions are ideal as it’s great to show off your bottom but retain structure. Avoid ruching, pleats, horizontal stripes, or added design features on your bottom piece as these will only draw the eye down, and will only enlarge your butt and your belly. You may also keep the color on the bottom darker than on your top half.

  1. Wear accessories on your top half only.

hat-with-white-outfit pastel-blue-vest-with-cobalt-blue-sandals-and-sunglasses white-shirtdress-with-architectural-belt-and-winged-sandals

Accessories may be great for adding some spice to your outfit, but you have to wear it right. Belts should be around your waist rather than low slung. The first will give you a great silhouette whilst the second will just make your butt look wider. Also, keep the width of the belt narrow. Go for shoulder bags over sling bags as a small bag that hangs on your hip is going to make your butt look bigger in comparison. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to flatter your big hips and look more stylish and confident.

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