4 Creative Ways to Wear a Bandana

Accessories can indeed make or break your outfit so we’re all picky in selecting them. So, investing in versatile and stylish accessories is a great idea especially if they can stand for a lifetime. Inexpensive, stylish, and versatile, bandana is a a great fashion piece that can be worn in multiple ways creating a totally different look.

  1. Wear your bandana as a headband or turban.

bandana headband with colored denim shorts and tee

head scarf with edgy outfit kerchief with quirky sunglasses turban scarf with casual outfit

Tying your bandana in a simple knot on top of your head, may seem to be the traditional way of wearing this accessory. But if you plan to wear bandana in your hair, find a color that suits your skin tone first as some colors will make you glow while others will wash you out. Once you know your color palette, learn to knot them to your head. First, fold the bandana in half diagonally creating a triangle-shaped scarf in your hand now. When putting your bandana on your head, the triangle should be pointed away from your face for where the center part of the bandana should be in the middle of your forehead. Take the end of your bandana and tie them at the back of your head knotting them once or twice and you’re good to go.

  1. Wear your bandana as a neck scarf.

bandana scarf with cowgirl outfit bandana with casual chic outfit blue scarf with casual outfit chic bag and silk scarf with eclectic outfit fringe bag and bandana with casual outfit nautical inspired outfit neckscarf with casual chic outfit neckscarf-with-chic-outfit scarf with off shoulder maxi dress

Whether you’re aiming for a cowgirl look, edgy chic style, bohemian style, or grunge style, wearing bandana as a scarf is another way of wearing this versatile accessory creatively. For a creative knot, start in the front of your neck and wrap the bandana around your neck once for where the bulk of it should be hanging behind you. Then pull the ends to the front and tie a knot letting the remaining bit of fabric hang down. For an ascot-style scarf, start by draping the bandana around your neck, but this time, leave the fabric hanging down toward your chest. Then fold the ends by looping them around. Finally, spread out the top part of the knot so that it covers up the first loop then it’s done.

  1. Wear your bandana as a belt.

scarf belt with casual outfit

Wearing your bandana as a belt is a creative way to show how creative you are. If you feel it’s too short, you may tie two bandanas to create a longer silhouette for the belt. You may start folding the bandana in half into a triangle shape then fold them lengthwise if you want crisp lines. But if you’re just looking for a messy look, just roll them lightly and wrap the fabric tightly around your waist. Just aim for a comfortable fit that leave you with enough room to knot the loose ends and tie the bandana into a knot. You have the option to fold the excess fabric underneath the knot or let it hang on your waist.

  1. Tie your bandana to add some style on your bag.

scarf with leather bag and casual outfit

The most effortless way to wear your bandana is wearing it on your shoulder bags, especially if you’re not comfortable wearing them on your body. Just pick the bandana shade that works well with your outfit like coordinating your color blocked dress, complementing your monochrome outfit, or just adding some texture to your neutral outfit.

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