4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothes are some of the most quality garments you may go for, but keep in mind that they were handed down for several generations. However, some they have been worn and may be flawed and some handmade items may not be as sturdy as store bought items. So, keep on reading for the 4 common mistakes you have to avoid when buying vintage clothing.

  1. Liking the way vintage garment looks on a model or mannequin.

chunky sweater dress with statement necklace

plaid print dress with studded boots halter white vintage dress with platform shoes cold shoulder vintage dress with woven tote

Whether you’re buying from an online store or vintage boutique, avoid liking the way a vintage garment looks on a model or mannequin. Remember that models manipulate their bodies to look perfect on photos while photographers deal with the perfect angles to get a very attractive view of how the garment looks on the model. Also, a mannequin is not your actual size, so the key is to dress to your own body. Whether it’s an off-shoulder, halter, cold-shoulder, peasant, or fit-and-flare, go for flattering necklines and styles that look great on you. If you are petite, think of baby doll style dresses with high heeled shoes, and maxi dresses if you are tall. Remember, you must not pay top dollar for a vintage garment dress that won’t look great on you.

  1. Relying on measurements rather the actual fit of the clothing.

cold shoulder dress vintage retro floral dress vintage outfit with hat striped pants with sweater

Keep in mind that sizing varies from brand to brand, and sizing has changed massively over the years. Many women look at the measurements of an item and think of their own measurements, and purchase thinking it will fit them. If you have a specific problem area, like large hips, make sure hip measurements are listed before buying. Also, a vintage garment sized 11 could be very small by today’s standards. Also, think of sitting, bending, and stretching when fitting a vintage garment to know if it feels comfortable.

  1. Being victim to fashion trends.

embroidered vintage dress vintage dress with coat vintage bag with button front skirt retro floral print dress with chic hat

Many women fall victim to fashion trends and splurging hundreds of dollars for an item that will be out of fashion in a few months. Though retro flares, peasant dresses, and cold shoulder tops are making a comeback, it may be better to stick on timeless fashions that can be incorporated into any current trend when buying vintage clothing or item.

  1. Overlooking the age and quality of the vintage item.

vintage dress with masculine shoes retro floral print bohemian dress retro floral outfit free flowing dress

When buying a vintage piece, you need to take into consideration the age and quality of the item. Most vintage items have been worn and washed, often many times, so you have to know in advance that you won’t be receiving a fresh new garment. Remember, it could look really nice in a picture, but when you receive it there could be a small flaw, some fading, or a loose seam. By taking these things into consideration you’ll be more careful on your vintage shopping and you’ll come up investing in great gems you won’t regret buying.

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