4 Common Issues with Fit to Fix

There are lots of problems with the fit of commercially made garments, especially if you shop your basic ensembles at fast-fashion stores. So, before you buy, make sure there’s no problems built into the garment for you, or just a few that you can fix. Keep on reading for the 4 common issues with fit to fix.

  1. Trousers creasing at the crotch.


flared-pants-with-white-top camo-pants-with-metallic-blazer

Trousers are one of the hardest garments to fit as there are so many fit points and women’s bodies are so uniquely shaped. When selecting for trousers, pay attention to the creasing at the crotch which can be fabric pulling due to not enough fabric or a big pouch of fabric that says the rise is too long. Sometimes, your fast-fashion pieces can be altered by a tailor to fit you. However, an ill fit of rise can hardly be altered, so better look around for perfect-fitting jeans for you.

  1. Sleeves should end at the wrist, not halfway down the hand

military-vest-with-striped-sweater trench-coat-with-purple-pumps printed-blazer-with-boot-cut-pants-and-fringed-bag

If your sleeves are too long, it makes you look like you haven’t yet grown into your clothing. Whether it’s a coat, sweater, blazer, or blouse, the sleeves should end at the wrist, not halfway down the hand. Unless you’re wearing a bell-sleeved blouse or a puff sleeved top, your sleeves must show your wrist to make them look neat, polished, and smart.

  1. Waistbands should fit so you can slide two fingers between your flesh and the garment.

white-wide-leg-pants-with-crop-top-and-cardigan denim-outfit-with-coat button-front-skirt-with-white-shirt

Shift dresses are loose-fitting dresses that hide your curves, which won’t look neat with a belt. If you’re aiming for a flattering fit that’s not too tight or too loose, go for a sheath dress. Remember, too lose or too tight and you won’t get a nice line and it won’t be comfortable either. This is especially true when you’re wearing banded tops and dresses with built-in belts. Also, your tailored pieces must be comfortable enough as they can hardly look great with a belt, especially a structured blazer.

  1. Shirt buttons shouldn’t pull or gape, particularly across either the bust or stomach.

high-waist-flared-jeans-with-button-down-shirt denim-shorts-with-white-button-down-shirt button-down-shirt-with-pencil-skirt

Busts are the other tricky fit point for many women. If you have a top that has a horizontal seam across the front it should either sit just under the bust or at the waist, but never across the bust. Though this is a particularly common problem if you have a large bust, you need to go up a size and potentially have the shirt altered to fit your shoulders or waist. Like fashion blogger Lara Caspari, your button-down shirt must fit you perfectly if you’re going to wear it at the office with a high waist skirt to avoid bulging the excess fabric at your waist. By taking these things into consideration, your outfits will look more expensive and smart.

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